Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hearing the Voice of God

I learnt a very important lesson on hearing the Voice of God from my son last night.

It all began at dinner time. Osh Osh normally eats his dinner at the coffee table while watching his favourite cartoon as DH and I move about the house doing chores. Last night, for a change, we made him sit with us at the dining table. Initially, he was very reluctant. He had to decide between spending time with his parents or watching his favourite cartoon. If you were a kid his age, you would agree that it was a very tough choice!

I asked him if he wanted to have dinner at the table like a "happy family", thinking that since Osh Osh coined that phrase himself, he would see the importance of it and give up his programme. My attempt failed miserably. DH finally came up with an amicable solution. He will eat with us at the table for half an hour, after which he can go watch his tv. Osh Osh finally said yes!

We had roast chicken last night. Osh Osh asked, "Why did the man kill the chicken?" I probed him for more details. He went on to explain that man keeps chickens in small boxes then he kills them and we eat them. I said that if we want to eat the chicken, it has to be killed. Otherwise, we wouldn't have any chicken to eat. I was curious about how he knew of the rearing and killing of chickens. I didn't teach it to him so I figured he must have learnt it at school.

Osh Osh looked at me and said matter-of-factly, "God told me". Now, I am really curious so I went on to ask him a series of questions.

"How did God tell you?"

"God speak to me in my heart."

"How did you hear God?"

"I hear God in my heart. Not in my ears."

"How does God speak to you in your heart?"

"If you want to hear God, your heart will hear Him. If you don't want to hear God, your heart won't hear Him. God don't speak to your ears. God speak to your heart."

"Do you hear God all the time?"

"Yes, God speak to me all the time… in my heart, not my ears."

"What does God say?"

"God tell me things"

"What things?"

"God loves me. In my heart, not my ears."

DH and I were really impressed. It was as though Osh Osh was preaching a little sermon to us. It was clear and straight to the point. What's more important, we know that it was genuine because our little preacher has practically applied it in his life. His message was also biblically accurate! God speaks to the heart and He will only speak to you if your heart is open and willing to accept Him.

Well, that's the gospel truth from a "babe's mouth"! Amen!


mummyof3 said...

Amen, indeed!

Hui Li Annie said...'s so refreshing to hear something like that from a babe's mouth. :)