Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're the best of friends...

I can't seem to get that song out of my head. "We're the best of friends, having so much fun together, who would have thought we'd be the best of friends." It's from an old Disney cartoon titled The Fox and The Hound. Osh Osh is watching the DVD now. He loves anything with dogs, action and catchy music in it! :)

It's been quite a nice evening. I met DH at Osh Osh's school on our way back from work and we took Osh Osh out for dinner tonight. He was very well behaved, ate a lot and happily walked all the way home. It always nice when he doesn't throw a tantrum. We praised him a lot today and he beamed. To be honest, we know it's good for his self esteem and personal growth to be generous with praises and give them to him when they are due but we often forget. It's always easier to get angry and pick out one's faults rather than take the time and effort to praise. We have read parenting books, attended a parenting course and consciously and continually endeavour to improve our parenting skills but as you know, we stumble and we fail and we take 3 steps back after taking 1 step forward. Parents are not perfect people...we're all still just human.

I can be very hard on myself especially after I've angrily scolded Osh Osh. Then I feel really guilty and not worthy to be his mother. I'm sure all mothers would have felt this way at one point or another.

Ok, I don't want to go there's been such a nice night...would be a shame to end this post on a depressing note. Let me log off and give Osh Osh a big hug and start humming that tune...

Breakfast at...

Nope, not at Tiffany's but at a local cafe.

As I came home late last night due to the office dinner, I couldn't put Osh Osh to sleep like I normally do. He was already asleep when I came home. When I went to check on him, he opened his eyes, looked at me sleepily and went back to sleep. I really missed him and also our normal bedtime routine together i.e. reading books, talking to him, singing and then just lying beside him for a while.

So, this morning, DH and I decided not to go in to work early (fortunately, DH had a lighter work schedule today) and take Osh Osh out for breakfast before we sent him in to school. He was thrilled. He was eating toast and drink a cold drink. It's nice to see him so happy. He was singing and making us laugh. A very nice family moment!

I've got to make it short for this post as work beckons. It's got a pull that I can't resist kind of like what the firefly said in one scene in A Bug's Life as he flew towards the lamp, was electrocuted and died (sorry, it's morbid! :P), " I can't help it!" or something like that!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A sleep deprived neurotic Mum

Last night was a bad night for us. Osh Osh woke up 3 times due to nightmares and I was already so tired as it is. Didn't sleep well on Sun and Mon night either so I'm at my worst.

Right now, he's sleeping on our bed. DH has left for work. I can't seem to go back to sleep anymore which is why I decided to start checking my work email messages and well, blog to let off some steam.

Yesterday evening, I had a breakdown. Work was tiring, I was having cramps (that time of the month again) and Osh Osh wasn't very well behaved on the way back from school. I guess all my frustrations accummulated and I broke down and cried during dinner. DH took Osh Osh to the living room to play with his toys so that I can have some time on my own to cry.

Then, Osh Osh kept saying, "Mummy, stop crying. Mummy, stop crying." He came running back to me at the dining table and looked up at me and said, "I love you Mummy." over and over again, at least 5 times, if I remember correctly. I was so moved and yes, you guessed it,I cried even more! Sigh. Bless his heart! He is the one who pushes me over the edge and at the same time, he's the one who melts my heart!

What's the lesson I learnt from this? I don't know really. I'm still feeling tired and low and it's a long day at work today (will be going in to the office later). I also have a work related dinner to attend tonight so it will be another late night for me and I won't be able to tuck Osh Osh in at night like I always do. Sigh.

DH was trying his best to be nice to be throughout yesterday evening and until now. He made me a hot drink just before he left for work. I know he's tired too but he doesn't show it as much. He told me, "This will pass soon". I believe him so I'll just make the best of what I can with the time that I have today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scrunchie - a Fashion No No?

This morning was rather chaotic. Osh Osh woke up grumpy and didn't want to go to his school. It was so hard trying to get him dressed and we were pressed for time as DH needed to get to work earlier than usual (he always needs to get in early but today it's got to be exceptionally early!) to give a presentation to his colleagues.

Osh Osh kept saying, "I don't like you, Mummy!" and sulked. I gave up and asked DH to get him dressed instead. Then as I wanted to tie my hair, my favourite hair clip broke! Boo Hoo Hoo! I know it's not a major crisis but I guess at that particular moment, I just felt the whole world was falling apart and against me! Women, eh?

Anyway, I looked around in the drawer and found an old scrunchie. Decided to use it as I have to tie my hair as today's a bad hair day for me with my hair having a mind of its own and going in all different directions!

In the car on the way to Osh Osh's school, I started thinking about a particular Sex and The City episode on scrunchies. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker's character) was telling her boyfriend then that no fashionable New York woman would be caught dead in public using a scrunchie! They both eventually had a long argument on whether that's true or not. Their relationship eventually failed with this guy dumping her...nope, it's not because of the scrunchie but some underlying insecurities of both parties. Made me smile as 1) some of my colleagues at work are quite judgmental of what I wear and I tend to dress without too much fuss (if you know what I mean!) so they will probably make some comments on my scrunchie (which is a conservative brown and not some flashy pink!) and 2) I'm amazed that I can still remember that SATC episode so well! However, the name of Carrie's beau escapes me but it wasn't Mr. Big in that episode.

I did a search on Google and came up with this funny article on Scrunchie...hope you guys enjoy reading it.

I really have to get back to work now, but yes, today I am wearing a scrunchie and proud of it too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

We love Mondays!

Mondays…how we love them!

Seriously, my work day today has been busy but it's not as bad as I had feared. Late last week, I found out from my manager that I am to take on extra work from another department who had lost some people, in order to give them a helping hand. I had told my manager that I'm already swamped as it is but it appeared from my discussion with her on Friday that this came from top management and her hands are tied. So, she is to offer a "volunteer" and yours truly is that volunteer. Doesn't sound like a lot of free will is being practised here, does it?

Anyway, I spoke to the manager of the other department and asked her what their area of need is and what her expectations are of this volunteer. She said she has not firmed up plans yet and will engage her team in a separate conversation about this and I am allowed some say in it as well. So, all in all, it's not been decided yet and since there are no firm facts as to how much time and energy I have to commit to my new found volunteer work, I will not think, fret and worry about it now.

On a lighter note, I was having lunch with my younger colleague (by 10 years!) today and as part of our casual "fill in the time" lunch chat, she asked me when I'm planning to have my second child. She kept saying that since Osh Osh is now 3 years old , I should get my act together and conceive another one ASAP! I then asked her what are her own plans? She has a steady boyfriend whom she will marry in 3 years' time (as they both want to concentrate on their careers now) and after they marry, they want to have some child free years together then she will seek a doctor's help to conceive a pair of twins (and it better be a boy and a girl!) so she doesn't have to go through pregnancy too many times.

"Kids" nowadays, what are they thinking?!! (saying this tongue in cheek) I always thought that one will only seek medical/fertility assistance when one cannot conceive a child the normal way and NOT to "customize" your pregnancy.

What do you think?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We bought a car!

DH had been doing a lot of research on a Honda Edix for the family. Right now, we're driving a small car and DH thinks it's high time to get a bigger car for the sake of the family (and to cater for any possible new additions).

DH had viewed several Honda Edixes but today's visit to the used car showroom (it's too expensive to buy a new one) was my first ever. We left Osh Osh at my inlaws. Mum had left for home today and Osh Osh took it quite well (he's growing up so fast!). He was happily playing with them so he didn't miss us at all even though we were out for the whole day.

Here's what a Honda Edix looks like. The main attraction for us is that it's got 3 seats in front and 3 seats at the back and Osh Osh who is always asking to sit in front will finally get his wish. We can put his car seat/booster seat just in the middle between the 2 of us.

The other alternative with a similar seating layout is a Fiat Multipla but it's not available where we live.

So after 4 hours of talking to the salesperson and going for a test drive, we decided to pay the initial deposit and sign on the dotted line.

We got back to my inlaws in time for dinner and Osh was really reluctant to leave. He was playing so much with them that he forgot to nap and my inlaws didn't force him to nap either.

I have one bad news to share though. Our car was scratched in the parking lot of used car showroom. We only discovered it when we got home and we were shocked and furious. It was a long scratch, obviously done intentionally and probably with a key.

We were going to trade in our old car and set off the offer price with the new car price so we were naturally concerned if we would lose some money due to the scratch. DH called up the salesperson and thankfully, if the scratch is superficial (as in no dents), they won't deduct the price.


Anyway, spending a whole day at the used car showroom isn't my ideal way to spend a Sunday but I guess some things have to be done as we don't have any free time otherwise to do so. All in all, I think it was a good day except that rude shock of finding the hideous scratch on our car.

I better turn in now...back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peaceful night

It's quiet in the house now. Mum and Osh is asleep. I'm waiting for DH to come home as he's working late tonight (yes,I know it's a weekend). DH has been feeling low and stressed lately with exams in Oct and juggling long hours at work and spending time with us.

I'm trying to stay positive and supportive but admittedly there are times when I feel really tired and drained too. On bad days, I feel selfish and just want him to spend all his time with me but realistically, he is too stretched.

Anyway, I won't end this post on a depressing note. I am grateful that he makes the effort to spend time with us. I really like seeing him play with our son and seeing both of them being happy together. It gives me a warm feeling of pride...if you can call it pride...I'm lost for the right word right now!

Well, good night and happy dreams...see you tomorrow!

Being spoilt!

It's so nice to have my Mum here. We are all so spoilt by her. Osh Osh gets all the attention from her and I can just see so much love between the two of them. With Mum around, DH (Darling Hubby :P) and I are able to have some couple time together and we both feel more relaxed and less edgy, especially after we both come back from work and everything is taken care of.

Mum leaves tomorrow. We will all miss her and will have to adjust back to our normal daily hectic routine. Don't get me wrong, we're not just missing her because we don't have anyone around to help us out with Osh Osh and our chores. We miss her because she just makes everything seem more homely and warm when she is around.

Anyway, speaking of being spoilt, I took this rare opportunity to have a facial at my regular spa (regular in the sense that I've been going to this spa on and off since 2004 so all the folks know me quite well). It was a relaxing time for me and it's nice to hear them tell me that the condition of my face is still good despite not going there on a regular basis.

After the facial ended, I did some window shopping and came across this small stall selling mochi (Japanese dessert) ice cream. I couldn't resist it and thought it would be a nice treat for Mum.

There are many flavours to choose...I had to choose some with chocolate as I'm nuts about chocolate. I also bought the blueberry, mango and tiramisu flavoured mochi.

Here's the box (very classy black!):

Here's the colourful and yummy mochi ice cream:

Enough about food! Oh, I sent a text message to DH telling him that I bought some mochi ice cream for Mum and he replied with "I love you. You're my mochi". He does have his moments! ;)

It's been a nice Saturday so far. I'm going to spend some time with Mum and Osh Osh now and we'll probably go out for an evening stroll later.

God bless your day! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first blog post!

Almost everyone I know has a blog. Here I am writing my first post. It's a nice quiet sunny morning and I'm working from home today. Quite a productive morning. Osh Osh (my nickname for my son) is in his school. He was a bit reluctant to go as my Mum's still here visiting and helping us out. I guess it's only natural that he enjoys being at home with her (and all his toys) then head off to school. He's getting very used to her presence as she's been here for over a week.

However, we have to get Osh Osh started back on his usual routine. Otherwise, it will be so much harder on him and on us when Mum leaves for home.

Osh Osh turned 3 last Saturday. It was a happy day for him as we brought him to the zoo. He had so much fun and really enjoyed identifying each of the animals there. I think his favourite was probably the lions. We were at there at the right time just as they started the token feeding session for the 3 lions. What a treat!

Work beckons so I better head back to answering my work related email messages. Will see if I get the hang of this blogging spell. :)