Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peaceful night

It's quiet in the house now. Mum and Osh is asleep. I'm waiting for DH to come home as he's working late tonight (yes,I know it's a weekend). DH has been feeling low and stressed lately with exams in Oct and juggling long hours at work and spending time with us.

I'm trying to stay positive and supportive but admittedly there are times when I feel really tired and drained too. On bad days, I feel selfish and just want him to spend all his time with me but realistically, he is too stretched.

Anyway, I won't end this post on a depressing note. I am grateful that he makes the effort to spend time with us. I really like seeing him play with our son and seeing both of them being happy together. It gives me a warm feeling of pride...if you can call it pride...I'm lost for the right word right now!

Well, good night and happy dreams...see you tomorrow!

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