Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A sleep deprived neurotic Mum

Last night was a bad night for us. Osh Osh woke up 3 times due to nightmares and I was already so tired as it is. Didn't sleep well on Sun and Mon night either so I'm at my worst.

Right now, he's sleeping on our bed. DH has left for work. I can't seem to go back to sleep anymore which is why I decided to start checking my work email messages and well, blog to let off some steam.

Yesterday evening, I had a breakdown. Work was tiring, I was having cramps (that time of the month again) and Osh Osh wasn't very well behaved on the way back from school. I guess all my frustrations accummulated and I broke down and cried during dinner. DH took Osh Osh to the living room to play with his toys so that I can have some time on my own to cry.

Then, Osh Osh kept saying, "Mummy, stop crying. Mummy, stop crying." He came running back to me at the dining table and looked up at me and said, "I love you Mummy." over and over again, at least 5 times, if I remember correctly. I was so moved and yes, you guessed it,I cried even more! Sigh. Bless his heart! He is the one who pushes me over the edge and at the same time, he's the one who melts my heart!

What's the lesson I learnt from this? I don't know really. I'm still feeling tired and low and it's a long day at work today (will be going in to the office later). I also have a work related dinner to attend tonight so it will be another late night for me and I won't be able to tuck Osh Osh in at night like I always do. Sigh.

DH was trying his best to be nice to be throughout yesterday evening and until now. He made me a hot drink just before he left for work. I know he's tired too but he doesn't show it as much. He told me, "This will pass soon". I believe him so I'll just make the best of what I can with the time that I have today.


Louisa May said...

yes, it's really tough balancing work and home. Hang in there... it does get better... or rather, you get more adept at handling it :P

btw - i've linked you on my blog :)

Busybugz said...

Hi Louisa

Thanks for posting comments on my blog! :) I'm still new to this so haven't figured out how to link yours to mine but should be able to work it out soon.

Nope, waiting to get the SATC DVD when it's out...haven't been to the cinema for yonks!