Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're the best of friends...

I can't seem to get that song out of my head. "We're the best of friends, having so much fun together, who would have thought we'd be the best of friends." It's from an old Disney cartoon titled The Fox and The Hound. Osh Osh is watching the DVD now. He loves anything with dogs, action and catchy music in it! :)

It's been quite a nice evening. I met DH at Osh Osh's school on our way back from work and we took Osh Osh out for dinner tonight. He was very well behaved, ate a lot and happily walked all the way home. It always nice when he doesn't throw a tantrum. We praised him a lot today and he beamed. To be honest, we know it's good for his self esteem and personal growth to be generous with praises and give them to him when they are due but we often forget. It's always easier to get angry and pick out one's faults rather than take the time and effort to praise. We have read parenting books, attended a parenting course and consciously and continually endeavour to improve our parenting skills but as you know, we stumble and we fail and we take 3 steps back after taking 1 step forward. Parents are not perfect people...we're all still just human.

I can be very hard on myself especially after I've angrily scolded Osh Osh. Then I feel really guilty and not worthy to be his mother. I'm sure all mothers would have felt this way at one point or another.

Ok, I don't want to go there's been such a nice night...would be a shame to end this post on a depressing note. Let me log off and give Osh Osh a big hug and start humming that tune...

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Marlayna said...

Hello, thanks for PMing me your blog. I love to read them.

I think a great family evening is a huge blessing. It sounds like yours was perfect.

You are right though, we do stumble all over the place sometimes and it will probably happen more often with your child because it sounds like he is your first. We always make more mistakes with our first borns. Something for subsequent children to be thankful for their older sibling for. :)