Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first blog post!

Almost everyone I know has a blog. Here I am writing my first post. It's a nice quiet sunny morning and I'm working from home today. Quite a productive morning. Osh Osh (my nickname for my son) is in his school. He was a bit reluctant to go as my Mum's still here visiting and helping us out. I guess it's only natural that he enjoys being at home with her (and all his toys) then head off to school. He's getting very used to her presence as she's been here for over a week.

However, we have to get Osh Osh started back on his usual routine. Otherwise, it will be so much harder on him and on us when Mum leaves for home.

Osh Osh turned 3 last Saturday. It was a happy day for him as we brought him to the zoo. He had so much fun and really enjoyed identifying each of the animals there. I think his favourite was probably the lions. We were at there at the right time just as they started the token feeding session for the 3 lions. What a treat!

Work beckons so I better head back to answering my work related email messages. Will see if I get the hang of this blogging spell. :)

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