Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being spoilt!

It's so nice to have my Mum here. We are all so spoilt by her. Osh Osh gets all the attention from her and I can just see so much love between the two of them. With Mum around, DH (Darling Hubby :P) and I are able to have some couple time together and we both feel more relaxed and less edgy, especially after we both come back from work and everything is taken care of.

Mum leaves tomorrow. We will all miss her and will have to adjust back to our normal daily hectic routine. Don't get me wrong, we're not just missing her because we don't have anyone around to help us out with Osh Osh and our chores. We miss her because she just makes everything seem more homely and warm when she is around.

Anyway, speaking of being spoilt, I took this rare opportunity to have a facial at my regular spa (regular in the sense that I've been going to this spa on and off since 2004 so all the folks know me quite well). It was a relaxing time for me and it's nice to hear them tell me that the condition of my face is still good despite not going there on a regular basis.

After the facial ended, I did some window shopping and came across this small stall selling mochi (Japanese dessert) ice cream. I couldn't resist it and thought it would be a nice treat for Mum.

There are many flavours to choose...I had to choose some with chocolate as I'm nuts about chocolate. I also bought the blueberry, mango and tiramisu flavoured mochi.

Here's the box (very classy black!):

Here's the colourful and yummy mochi ice cream:

Enough about food! Oh, I sent a text message to DH telling him that I bought some mochi ice cream for Mum and he replied with "I love you. You're my mochi". He does have his moments! ;)

It's been a nice Saturday so far. I'm going to spend some time with Mum and Osh Osh now and we'll probably go out for an evening stroll later.

God bless your day! :)

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