Monday, July 28, 2008

We love Mondays!

Mondays…how we love them!

Seriously, my work day today has been busy but it's not as bad as I had feared. Late last week, I found out from my manager that I am to take on extra work from another department who had lost some people, in order to give them a helping hand. I had told my manager that I'm already swamped as it is but it appeared from my discussion with her on Friday that this came from top management and her hands are tied. So, she is to offer a "volunteer" and yours truly is that volunteer. Doesn't sound like a lot of free will is being practised here, does it?

Anyway, I spoke to the manager of the other department and asked her what their area of need is and what her expectations are of this volunteer. She said she has not firmed up plans yet and will engage her team in a separate conversation about this and I am allowed some say in it as well. So, all in all, it's not been decided yet and since there are no firm facts as to how much time and energy I have to commit to my new found volunteer work, I will not think, fret and worry about it now.

On a lighter note, I was having lunch with my younger colleague (by 10 years!) today and as part of our casual "fill in the time" lunch chat, she asked me when I'm planning to have my second child. She kept saying that since Osh Osh is now 3 years old , I should get my act together and conceive another one ASAP! I then asked her what are her own plans? She has a steady boyfriend whom she will marry in 3 years' time (as they both want to concentrate on their careers now) and after they marry, they want to have some child free years together then she will seek a doctor's help to conceive a pair of twins (and it better be a boy and a girl!) so she doesn't have to go through pregnancy too many times.

"Kids" nowadays, what are they thinking?!! (saying this tongue in cheek) I always thought that one will only seek medical/fertility assistance when one cannot conceive a child the normal way and NOT to "customize" your pregnancy.

What do you think?

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