Sunday, July 27, 2008

We bought a car!

DH had been doing a lot of research on a Honda Edix for the family. Right now, we're driving a small car and DH thinks it's high time to get a bigger car for the sake of the family (and to cater for any possible new additions).

DH had viewed several Honda Edixes but today's visit to the used car showroom (it's too expensive to buy a new one) was my first ever. We left Osh Osh at my inlaws. Mum had left for home today and Osh Osh took it quite well (he's growing up so fast!). He was happily playing with them so he didn't miss us at all even though we were out for the whole day.

Here's what a Honda Edix looks like. The main attraction for us is that it's got 3 seats in front and 3 seats at the back and Osh Osh who is always asking to sit in front will finally get his wish. We can put his car seat/booster seat just in the middle between the 2 of us.

The other alternative with a similar seating layout is a Fiat Multipla but it's not available where we live.

So after 4 hours of talking to the salesperson and going for a test drive, we decided to pay the initial deposit and sign on the dotted line.

We got back to my inlaws in time for dinner and Osh was really reluctant to leave. He was playing so much with them that he forgot to nap and my inlaws didn't force him to nap either.

I have one bad news to share though. Our car was scratched in the parking lot of used car showroom. We only discovered it when we got home and we were shocked and furious. It was a long scratch, obviously done intentionally and probably with a key.

We were going to trade in our old car and set off the offer price with the new car price so we were naturally concerned if we would lose some money due to the scratch. DH called up the salesperson and thankfully, if the scratch is superficial (as in no dents), they won't deduct the price.


Anyway, spending a whole day at the used car showroom isn't my ideal way to spend a Sunday but I guess some things have to be done as we don't have any free time otherwise to do so. All in all, I think it was a good day except that rude shock of finding the hideous scratch on our car.

I better turn in now...back to work tomorrow!

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