Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ten arms!

A few mornings ago, on our way out to the car, Osh Osh was asking me to carry two of his Transformers toys, his school bag and him! I said to him, "Do you think I'm Four Arms?" Four Arms is one of his favourite Ben 10 characters which he absolutely adores, and yes, this character has surprise, surprise, four arms!

He grinned cheekily and replied, "No, you have Ten Arms!" I just laughed. He's so funny sometimes, especially when you least expect it. I was actually getting quite annoyed with him at that moment but after hearing his reply, the tension melted away.

Seriously though, I do feel like I have "ten arms" or rather it would be nice to have ten arms. Today, as DH is not home due to work, I had to multi-task - preparing dinner, washing clothes, giving Osh Osh a bath, making sure he finishes his dinner, pack his school bag, hang out the clothes, talk to him and play with him, tidy up the kitchen, fold the clothes, check today's mail, wash Osh Osh's potty, get him ready for bed, read his books, prepare his milk, brush his teeth, make sure he says his prayers (I ask him to think of things to thank God for each night) and after he's asleep, I tidied up the hall and exercised! Yes, I really wanted to fall flat on my face but if I didn't exercise, when would I find the time???

I know that there are a lot of women out there who are capable of doing immensely more than what I did today. I always admire such women as I am often struggling to stand on my two feet when the urge to crawl into bed and hide under the covers is so strong!

Well, I guess with more practice and the determination and passion for not wanting all the things in your life to come crashing down on you all at the same time, I'd make a pretty good juggler! Anyone know of any circus who would want me to join their troop?

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Louisa May said...

I do admire how working moms, who are totally involved with their kids manage, and i think you are doing such an excellent job. I didn't have the courage to continue multi-tasking so quit the one that i could ! hahaha!