Friday, December 5, 2008

A happy moment

It's been another tough working week for me with a late night on Wednesday (due to work) and also a long meeting yesterday. I've not been spending much time with Osh Osh in the evenings this week. On Wednesday, when I arrived home, Osh Osh was already asleep and all I could do was just look at him in bed. Part of me wanted to wake him up so that I could talk to him but that's just very selfish of me as he needed his sleep and it was late. So, I didn't do anything. Honestly, I felt very sad that night. I also felt like a really lousy Mummy.

This morning, I could spare the time as I'm working from home and didn't have to "fight" with the human traffic in the morning "rush to the office" commute. DH and I dropped Osh Osh off at school together. DH couldn't stay long as he needed to get to work but I decided to linger on.

Osh Osh happily walked into the classroom (he's now moved up to a new class - Nursery) and two of his Nursery class friends were there, EN and Jan Jan. There were 2 other older kids (a boy and a girl) from the Kindy class in the play area as well. As it's still early, the kids don't go to their respective classrooms and hang out together for a while until the rest of their friends arrive.

The older girl was playing with Jan Jan, showing her how to thread round bead-like blocks into a long stick, with EN looking on. Osh Osh came and took a stick and sat down beside Jan Jan. He was just very happy and chatting away. He commented that the colour beads on the stick that Jan Jan made looked like an ice cream and Jan Jan smiled.

Then, the older boy flipped through his Power Rangers sticker book (now I know where Osh Osh discovered Power Rangers!) and Osh Osh beamed. He asked the older boy, "Why you have Power Rangers book?" and moved closer to look at the stickers. EN joined them too. So, all three boys hovered over the book while the 2 girls carried on playing with the bead blocks. Then one of Jan Jan's blocks rolled away and she just said to Osh Osh, "Go get it!"

To my surprise and amusement, Osh Osh immediately jumped up and ran to take the block, returning it to Jan Jan. Jan Jan said to me (I was just standing outside the room, looking in through a big window) and said, "My block roll away". I take it that was her way of explaining why she ordered my son to retrieve the block for her.

Yes, you guessed it. Osh Osh really likes Jan Jan. There was one point of time (almost a year ago) that all Osh Osh could talk about was Jan Jan. He was also very protective of her in that if I said something which he thought was negative about Jan Jan, he would become very angry. He's much better now in that he doesn't need to talk about her everyday! The power a woman, or a little girl for that matter, has over the man/boy who is crazy about her! ;) This really made me smile.

Osh Osh went to sit with the older boy and EN again. He saw me and smiled. Then he proudly told them that's his Mummy. They turned and looked at me and I smiled. Then, the older boy gave one of his Power Rangers sticker to Osh Osh. Osh Osh took it, stuck it on his left arm and said, "Thank you." I beamed.

Then the three of them carried on chatting about the Power Rangers stickers. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying but they were clearly engrossed by the book.

I decided to leave. As I walked to the train station to head home, I had a warm happy feeling inside me. My son is a happy sociable boy who has good manners plus he has a "girlfriend"! :) In a way, I'm assured that I can't be doing too bad a job as a Mummy. There are days when I doubt my ability as a parent. I believe this happy moment was given to me by God to let me know, "It's ok. You can breathe easy. Osh Osh is doing fine. Don't be too hard on yourself".

It's amazing how a simple moment like this can be bring such a powerful message to me.

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Louisa May said...

that's wonderful Jen ! And so glad too you've recorded this so there's a chance to look back, be reminded and smile ..