Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas memories

I write this while trying to complete my office work for today. I would hate to have to carry on working all the way till this evening! It's been a different kind of Christmas eve this year. One that's been quite stressful for me on the work front. It wasn't like that last year. I could take time off work and it was very quiet.

Nevertheless, I don't want my spirits dampened (a tough feat and it's been raining continually since the wee hours of this morning)!

So, I made a little mental exercise to think of all the happy memories that I've had in the past few years during this festive season.

Eight years ago this time, I was in London for a holiday. Spent some time catching up with some of my university friends. I was single and had quit my job, without any firm plans to find another job as I was burnt out! It was during this time in London that I renewed my friendship with DH whom I've lost touch with for years and well, look where we have ended up 8 years later. ;)

Six Christmas eves ago, DH and I were in Leicester doing some last minute Christmas shopping. One of the top priorities of our Christmas list was a diamond engagement ring! It took us hours to look for the right one (yes, DH is the practical sort. He rather that I see the ring myself than buy one himself without knowing whether I would like it or not). We were cold, hungry and very very desperate. We finally found a quaint jewellery shop called Lumbers. DH later shared that the cost of the ring was over his budget but when he saw how my face lit up when I saw it, he couldn't say no and bought it for me.

Five Christmases ago, I bought our first Christmas tree after marriage. My Dad and I had always put up the Christmas tree together and I wanted to have that tradition continue in my family. The same Christmas tree stands in our living room and this year, Osh Osh decorated it with lovely candy canes and plastic red mushrooms for the added colour!

Three Christmases ago, when Osh Osh was 5 months old, we had chosen one of his nicer photos and made it into Christmas cards to be sent to family and friends. We also had a few photos of him underneath the Christmas tree, lying on his front. It made him look like he was part of the Christmas presents. To us, he is indeed our greatest gift from God! I often forget that when Osh Osh kicks up a fuss and shouts. He didn't seem so much like a treasured gift at those particular moments!

Two Christmases ago, Osh Osh was baptized. He hated being wet but we all thought he was brave as he didn't cry. It was indeed another big milestone for him and for us.

Oddly enough, I can't remember much from last Christmas. Am I suffering from short term memory loss??
What I can hold close to my heart this Christmas are as follows: Osh Osh putting up the tree decorations with us; DH and I are settling down in a new church which we have just started going to this month, the love both sets of parents have for us, in helping us out to enable us to have some time to reconnect as a couple, the friends who have been there for us when the tough times hit us this year and lastly, DH and I have started praying again as a couple. The last item has been long overdue and I know some of you who read this will say, "PTL!"

As we remember the birth of our Lord this Christmas, may the reflection on his birth give each of us a renewed sense of hope and peace and a spark of inspiration, creativity and confidence to make 2009 a God filled, God driven year.
Blessed Christmas, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Straight from the heart, beautiful words to end the year!