Sunday, January 18, 2009

The spot marked "X"

It was evening, around 7pm and all three of us were sitting in the living room, watching a Disney cartoon, The Lady and The Tramp on DVD. DH looked out of the window and saw this interesting cloud formation. It looked like a big “X”.

At first, we thought it was a natural creation as we didn’t hear any planes fly overhead. However, as you can see in the last photo at the bottom, there is a small plane in the air. Still, I think the shots that DH took were pretty cool.

So, how do I link these photos to what I’m about to write? Bear with me as I go on to tell you what happened to Osh Osh today.

After church and lunch, I was getting Osh Osh ready for his afternoon nap. He usually drinks a bottle of milk before he sleeps. I had some free milk samples which I decided to give Osh Osh a try since he’s been drinking the same type of milk formula ever since he was born.

He said he didn’t like it but he drank three quarters of it. We read some books together. In not more than 15 minutes since he drank the milk, he started to cough. It was quite a chesty cough and he couldn’t stop. Then, he kept rubbing his eyes as they were watery and itchy and they eventually swelled up. His nose was blocked with mucus too. What scared me the most was that he was coughing so much; it appeared he couldn’t breather properly.

DH was very calm and he listened to Osh Osh’s chest. Osh Osh is quite prone to allergic reactions but it’s normally triggered by dust. This is the first time it’s triggered by a liquid intake.

We gave him two dosage of his allergy medicine (thank God we have a bottle handy at home at all times). We prayed over him. He then coughed for another half hour (DH later told me that if Osh Osh didn’t stop coughing after that, he would have called for an ambulance) but the cough slowly subsided.

Osh Osh eventually fell asleep. The poor kid must have been so tired from all that coughing and difficulty in breathing. This Mummy felt guilty as hell as she nearly “poisoned” her own son!

When he awoke 2 hours later, he was back to his usual happy self, all except that his left eye is still puffy and slightly swollen.

I’m so grateful he’s ok. It was really nerve wrecking for all of us. It also made us more “sensitive” to God. DH actually thought it was a sign of God when he saw the “X” in the sky. When I saw the “X”, I thought of the “spot marked X”, akin the ones we often see on a much sought after treasure map in those Hollywood pirate movies.

Although the streaks of white in the sky were man made, to me, it’s a good reminder that we have already arrived at the “X”. What we really need to be happy is right here in front of us – our health, our family and friends and all that God is giving to us today, right now. We don’t need to go on a wild treasure hunt to find happiness, to find the elusive “spot marked X”. It’s in front of our very eyes all this time.

I’m going to go check on Osh Osh now as he sleeps. The very fact that he’s breathing normally right now is enough to give me all the happiness I need.

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