Sunday, February 22, 2009

A 34 hour day?

I often wondered if life would be easier if we had more hours to our day. Maybe a 34 hour day would cure all the ills of our modern life. Ten extra hours to do all the things we never have the time for or to rest and rejuvenate ourselves. We would be more relaxed when we are with our spouse and children as we're not watching the clock, thinking of the next thing we have to do. We would have more time to pursue our hopes and dreams and actually live, rather than just exist.

Would having more hours to the day really make a difference? I'm skeptical. We would probably still complain that there isn't enough time to finish all the things we need to do in one day. We would still be as tired and stressed as ever, perhaps even more so, as longer hours inevitably mean more things to do!

What brought about this train of thought? Yes, you guessed it. I felt that we didn't have enough time this week! We have just been so busy. DH had 2 night duties at work together with weekend duties. He had an evening revision tutorial to attend earlier in the week. I had an obligatory office function to attend on Thursday night. Osh Osh had a field trip to a garden-cum-farm exhibition centre. The shower in the bathroom needs fixing, the ceiling paint is peeling, there is so much clutter in the house to clear and ... and... and... I just feel so muddled and overwhelmed!!!!

It's times like these when I start comparing my life to others. I know that once I start doing that, I'm digging a big depressing hole that will just swallow me up and I wouldn't be able to climb out of it. I've fallen into this hole too many times in my life. Hopefully, the awful reminder of what it feels like to be at the bottom of this black pit will be enough motivation for me not to lose my footing!

On a lighter note, Osh Osh's "thank you, God" prayer tonight made me think. He thanked God for his dinner (he must have really enjoyed it!), for his grandfather (my father in law came over to help out and play with Osh Osh for a few hours), for his night light (it's his source of comfort each night) and for his curtains (Mum made them. They are bright blue with "Nemo-coloured fishes- very cheerful!).

It was so easy for him to say his prayer whereas it was such a challenge for me this week to think of positive things to write in my gratitude diary.

I seriously need to take a step back and refocus my thoughts. Things can't be that bad. Osh Osh always asks me to hold his hand for a few minutes after I tuck him in. Once I hold his hand, he breathes easier and finds peace. Can someone hold my hand now?

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