Monday, February 23, 2009

Two green leaves

I got excited over 2 green leaves today. As I wrote in my last post, Osh Osh had a field trip to a garden/farm-like place last Friday. Each child was given a small pot with soil in it to take home. Osh Osh told me that he had personally planted some sunflower seeds in it.

Osh Osh has been diligently watering the pot every morning after waking up. He's also very confident that the seeds he planted will grow into a beautiful sunflower plant.

This evening, when we got home, I went to check the pot. To my excitement, there were two tiny green leaves sprouting out from the soil. After DH finished showering Osh Osh, I told them the good news. To be honest, I was the only one who had difficulty containing my excitement. Osh Osh merely smiled calmly and said, "Seed grow sunflower."

It appeared that he's more confident of his ability to grow things than I am. I had doubted that the seeds he planted could grow because I wasn't sure if he planted them deep enough for them to survive. I've never been good with plants. My Mum is a talented gardener. Everything she planted flourished. In my case, I couldn't even keep a cactus alive! DH and I had bought a little cactus plant (smaller than the palm of your hand) when we first got married. We named him Ernie as he looked like Ernie of Sesame Street becasue it was small and round with short cute spiky thorns. Guess what? He died a few months later and until this day, I don't know what I did wrong. Perhaps, I loved it too much?

Anyway, who knows? Maybe Osh Osh has the green thumb which he inherited from my Mum. It seemed to have bypassed me completely and Ernie was the ill-fated casualty who lived a very short but hopefully, happy life. I pray that Mr. Sunflower lives a richer and longer life!

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