Sunday, April 26, 2009

Take a left turn into DISAPPOINTMENT

DH's exams results were released on the college website last night. My heart broke when I couldn't find his name in the list. Both of us went through the list several times, from A to Z, hoping that somehow there was a mistake and his name was really in the list.

It wasn't. We are feeling very disappointed. We prayed hard and so did our family and friends. Still, this is the result that God has chosen to give DH. We do not understand the reasons for this. We have been facing so many obstacles in our lives since we moved to Singapore. On some days, like this, it seems that we have one obstacle after another being put in front of us. Wherever we turn, it leads straight into DISAPPOINTMENT or its friendly neighbourhood towns of FRUSTRATION and REJECTION.

Somehow, the roads we chose has never led us to any other friendlier places. If only, we could settle down in the tranquil countryside of PEACE and CONTENTMENT.

Maybe, it's because we have been using the wrong roadmap. I think I'll need to go to the bookshop again and pick up another directory. Hopefully, with a renewed sense of direction and a clearer sense of our final destination, we will be able to arrive at a place with constant blue skies and no more tears.

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