Friday, June 19, 2009

It's all about timing!


On that note, you can guess I didn't have the right timing.

What's the story?

I received my writing tutor's comments on my third assignment yesterday. She thought it was a really good piece of work and definitely worthy of publication (her words, not mine). I was over the moon as new budding writers' egos are very fragile. They crave and yearn hungrily for compliments and are unduly harsh and judgmental on themselves, or so I've read.

My article is titled "Budget Prince Charming". It's a tongue in cheek article meant for the market of men magazines or women magazines with a specific column for men. It provides useful and easy to apply suggestions on how men can woo their women without burning a hole in their pocket.

I have several magazines in mind as my market. One of them was Men's Health. When I checked out their website, there was already a similar article titled "Charm Her Socks Off" written by the female columnist of that magazine! Although our articles are not similar, her opening paragraph had references to Prince Charming. I don't think the magazine will consider my article as they wouldn't want to be accused of harping on the same subject matter two months in a row.

I've just submitted my article to two other magazines and prayed about it. I also wrote a short story for a women's Christian magazine in Australia. They won't pay for the article as it is a small publication but they said the writers will be blessed by God for sharing stories of encouragement to other Christian readers. As you know, I'm not in this for the money but of course, if God blesses me with a cheque, I will not turn it away!

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ee lin said...

just keep trying. you know you'll hit it soon. keep up the efforts! good job! i'm sure you're on the right track.