Monday, June 8, 2009



That's what God is telling us in reply to our prayers.

He said "No" when DH and I prayed hard for him to pass his exams in London.

He said "No" to our prayers of having a second child which we have been praying for since April 2008.

He said "No" recently to our prayers of finding a better place to live. Our house hunting started last October but the intensity of our search picked up since early May this year.

I broke down and cried in my in laws' home yesterday evening when we attempted to place an offer for a house after much prayers and planning our budget. The property agent said that the house was sold in the morning. I was devastated as I believed that this was the house God wanted us to make the offer for. Again, the "No" answer was right there before me. I couldn’t be strong anymore so the sobbing started and just couldn't stop. Osh Osh tried his best to comfort me. He said that he will use all the coins in his coin pouch to buy me a new house. Bless his little heart!

It's not just the house incident that I was crying over. It was everything. The years of God saying "No" to us in respect of all our major prayers. It is very draining for us to keep being positive when we present matters that are close to our heart to God and His reply is "No".

Will we ever get a "Yes"?

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