Friday, March 13, 2009


Things are back to normalcy for us. What does that mean to us? We revert to our delicate dance and juggling act of balancing work and family activities in our lives. My Mum left for home yesterday morning. My Mum and DH left the house earlier than DH's usual hours as her train was due to depart from the station at 740am. When Osh Osh woke up, he automatically looked for his Poh Poh (that's what he calls my Mum). I told him that she had already left and explained why she didn't wake him up to say goodbye. He slumped in the middle of the corridor and cried. The sight of him crying broke my heart. Mum's presence in our home has always been a positive influence on all of us. Osh Osh enjoys his time with her as she dotes over him. Both DH and I have more time together when she is around. So, it's hard on all of us when she leaves.

I gave Osh Osh a big hug and just held him for a while until he settled. I asked him if he wanted to wear his Omnitrix watch and he said yes. Before long, he was shining the light from his Omnitrix on the wall and projecting all the Ben 10 Alien Force images and happily naming them. I'm amazed at how resilient he is, in how he deals with his emotions. I believe that he has a very happy personality and I hope this stays with him all the way through to adulthood. He will need this resilience and maintain his happy nature in order for him to deal with life's struggles.

We took the train to school together. It's a treat for me to be able to spend one to one time with him as I've been jetlagged since I returned last Saturday. We also let him spend more time with my Mum as she doesn't visit us very often. He was walking happily to the station, singing the theme song from Bob the Builder. An elderly man whom we passed, commented that he's a clever boy. Osh Osh beamed and told me that he would like to tell Daddy about what this uncle said. At the station, he also held the elevator door open for a man who was running towards it. The man smiled and thanked him and Osh Osh beamed again. He said he wanted to report this incident to Daddy as well. I can see that Osh Osh loves being kind. I like to take credit for it but I don't think it's fair. I believe that Osh Osh has a very kind heart and again, it's in his nature to be kind to others.

Things have been busier for me at work since I returned from the business trip. It's as though we all got "homework" to do now that we're back. I cherish these little moments with Osh Osh and keep them close to my heart. They remind me that there is more to life than finishing that report, getting the laundry done, balancing the cheque book and other "must-do"s that we grown ups have on our "to-do" list.
One particular memory sticks in my mind as I type this. Osh Osh was standing right outside the arrival gate at the airport, wearing a blue T shirt and a pair of dungaree overalls (the only time I made him wear overalls was during our vacation in Perth last year) with a red rose in his hand. I didn't realise it was him until he called out, "Mummy!" as I nearly ran over him with my luggage trolley! He looked so happy to see me. He gave me the rose and a big hug. I carried him in spite of my injured elbow and he happily chatted away while touching my face. He held my hand all the way until we got to the car, looking up at me every now and again and smiling. At that moment, nothing was more important to me than the excited little boy in the dungaree overall.

Now, that memory makes normalcy bearable for me today!

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