Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have a new leash of life!

I have been waiting anxiously for the assessment of my first writing assignment which I handed in a week and a half ago. When I checked my email messages this morning, I was thrilled to see it waiting in my inbox. My tutor is a writer herself and she used to teach English at the University of Central Lancashire in England. Now, she owns her own publishing company.

She was very kind with her comments. The tutors of this course are very mindful not to crush the students' self confidence. They know that it is very fragile especially at the early stages of this course.

Here's some excerpts of her thoughts on my first assignment:

The piece on "Why I want to be a writer?":

"You have tackled this first assignment confidently, explaining fluently why you have decided you would like to improve your writing skills. You have set yourself some sensible goals, achievable with hard work and a good bit of luck."

The short write-up of Osh Osh's school's arts and craft fair:

"I enjoyed this piece. You've succeeded in packing a great deal of colour and movement into a short space and really convey your enjoyment. I like the way you include some snatches of conversation - direct speech always helps to bring a piece of writing to life."

I know I still have a lot to learn. The second assignment is harder as I need to write a non fictional piece aimed at submission for publication by a magazine of my own choice. For now, however, I will allow myself to bask in the positiveness of these comments!

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alice said...

Woohoo well done! What a great start!