Monday, March 2, 2009

A night at the Accident and Emergency!

I had a freakish accident yesterday evening. One of those that you would laugh about if it was shown on America's Funniest Home Videos or YouTube. However, we didn't film it and when it happened to me, it was no laughing matter!

It was raining heavily yesterday evening. The rain water was splashing hard into our balcony. Osh Osh was concerned about his plant which was somewhere in the middle of our balcony. He asked me to save it and to prevent it from dying. So, I stepped out onto the balcony.

I don't recall exactly what happened next but I must have lost my footing and slipped on the wet surface. I came crashing down and instinctively, I used my left elbow to break my fall. My elbow hit the sliding aluminium door track. I felt intense pain and screamed for DH, who thankfully was home this Sunday and not on weekend duty! I held my left elbow with my right hand and when I took my right hand away to look at it, it was soaked in blood.

DH and Osh Osh helped me in. We first went to the kitchen to wash the wound. DH applied pressure on the wound by pressing on it with paper towels. The pain was very sharp, given that DH was applying strong pressure to stop the bleeding. I started to feel faint. We tried to make our way to the sofa but I felt very faint. I couldn't walk further and ended up sitting down on the floor between our living room and the kitchen.

Osh Osh was very sweet. He quickly got a pillow from the sofa which I put under my head as I laid there on the floor. Osh Osh sat next to my head and bent forward to look at me. He was smiling and asked, "Not my fault?". Of course, I said it wasn't his fault and that it was an accident.

After about 20 minutes or so, I could get up and walked to the sofa to lie down. Osh Osh followed me and kept asking if I was feeling better. He sat beside me and asked me if I wanted him to pat me. I used to pat him everytime he needed comfort. Therefore, he thought if he patted me, it would help. He patted me on my tummy and asked me again if I felt better. I was very touched.

However, despite applying so much pressure on the wound, I was still bleeding. DH decided that it was best that we go to the accident and emergency department of the nearest hospital.

DH called his Dad to come over to look after Osh Osh as we didn't want to bring him to the hospital. At this point, an hour and a half had elapsed. We hesitated in going to the hospital because DH thought that the cut was small and the bleeding would stop but it didn't.

Finally, at 930pm, the ordeal was over. My left elbow was X-rayed. Nothing was cracked or broken. I had stitches and the elbow is now bandaged. I also got an anti tetanus shot. The doctor said that I didn't need any strong painkillers, just paracetamol if and when I needed to dull the pain. I'm to change the dressing every two days and he gave me a medical certificate for two days off work. The stiches will have to be removed in two weeks time.

As some of you would know, I'm due to fly to London for a four day business trip tomorrow night. I have sent a text message to my boss (she is already there) and she said she understand if I can't make it. However, I know how important this three day meeting is for her and my other colleagues will also be going over to support her. I'm sure I'll earn a lot of brownie points if I show up.

My Mum will be coming over this evening. I had asked her to help out during my absence to care for Osh Osh as DH's work schedule is still very heavy with night duties. A blessing in disguise as I will now have her around later to fuss over me as well!

There you have it - my "courageous" tale of saving a plant from drowning. I can picture the headlines if this was reported in our local daily. "Mum nearly bled to death while saving drowning plant". Yes, that is an exaggeration but I'm sure it would have sold papers!

Appreciate all your prayers for a speedy recovery!

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