Sunday, May 24, 2009

God spoke and my nonsense

I know my title for this post doesn't make sense to you right now but bear with me. It's about two separate incidents which happened this weekend. On a first glimpse, they look completely unrelated but if you give it some thought, you would find the corelation there.

First incident happened yesterday (Saturday) evening. DH and I attended our second cell group meeting at one of the cell member's home. This cell member happened to be hosting a charismatic speaker/evangelist from the US at their home. So, it was only natural that they asked him to share the word of God with us during this meeting. He is a man filled with God's love and wisdom and had the gift of prophesy and healing.

Towards the end of his sharing, he looked at DH and said "I'm not a Christian fortune teller but I know that you are seeking the Lord." He went on to say that DH is an intelligent man who reads and studies a lot. He said DH lives his life by thinking and using his intellect and also, DH leaves the spiritual stuff to his wife. He then looked at me and asked, "You are his wife, aren't you?" All of us started to laugh as earlier, he was sharing about convicting someone of committing sexual immorality. We assured him that we are indeed legally married!

He went on to advise DH that in order for him to seek God, he has to put aside his intellect and let God fill him. He didn't say exactly how but DH later shared with me that he knows what he needs to do. He needs to surrender every aspect of his life to God and to trust him more.

I asked DH if he was cynical. He said at first, yes but he truly believes that God indeed spoke to him through this speaker. I was also amazed that DH actually asked for healing for his stiff neck and shoulder and he was healed! All in all, I am hopeful that DH will find the peace that he is looking for in God.

The second incident happened just this afternoon after Osh Osh and I came home from church. DH is working all day today. I was showering Osh Osh and we started talking about his behaviour. He's been quite difficult these past few days and both DH and I have been getting very angry at him frequently. He asked me if I still love him. I said yes. He said, "But you don't love my nonsense?" I said no. "You don't like me being naughty?". My reply was again "No".

"But you still love me?"



"Because you are my son".

I then went on to explain that God loves him too but God doesn't like his naughty behaviour. Osh Osh asked why. I gave him the same reason that it's because he's God's son. He said "But God is not my Daddy." I said God is not his earth daddy but his daddy in heaven. He then exclaimed, " I love God, my Super Flying Daddy in the sky!" Ok, I know I need to explain it to him better but this is a good start.

Then, he looked at me and surprised me by saying, "I love you, Mummy even if you have nonsense." That simple statement struck me. That's how God loves me. His love is forever there for me despite my nonsense. I may screw up in life over and over again but the only constant thing is that He loves me.

I am humbled by the fact that God chose my own son to speak to me at that moment. Just like how DH was surprised by the word of knowledge the speaker had for him, I was truly moved that my son's Super Flying Daddy in the sky used him to speak to his full of nonsense Mummy.

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