Monday, May 11, 2009

Mummy Monster

I didn't start off on a good note on Mother's Day Sunday. We woke up late and were in a rush to get ready to go to church. Osh Osh tossed and turned in defiance when I tried to wake him up. When he finally awoke, he didn't want to change his clothes and kicked up a tantrum. I was stressed hence my temper was short. So I scolded him, "Why are you so lazy?!!"

As you can imagine, tears followed, voices got louder and blood pressures rose. We rushed through breakfast amidst sniffles and "I don't like you!" and by the grace of God, we all got into the car without killing each other!

I know a lot of you would be able to identify with this story as I'm sure each of you experienced this at some point. I must admit that it was due to poor time management and preparation on my part. If we had woken up earlier, we would have been more relaxed. It would have been a peaceful start to the day and not a family battlezone with the exchange of "harsh words" missiles which could not be retracted once launched.

Osh Osh was scheduled to start his first Sunday School class yesterday. Naturally, he was anxious and shy. Part of DH's Mother's Day present to me was to take Osh Osh to the class by himself and allow me to attend the main church service. That way, I get a break from Osh Osh. When I was sitting in the pew, praying, I was filled with guilt about how I treated Osh Osh in the morning. I did not exhibit the attributes of a loving, nurturing and patient mother. I was a "Mummy Monster"!

About midway through the worship session, the pastor asked all the mothers, grandmothers and mothers-to-be to stand and be prayed for. I stood, still feeling heavy-hearted. He prayed a prayer of gratitude, of wisdom and of vision. One of the things that he said which struck and stayed with me is that the love of a mother is the closest thing to the love of God. I thought to myself, "I definitely did not love Osh Osh this morning as how God loves me."

After the service ended, I went to the classroom where DH and Osh Osh were. When Osh Osh saw me at the doorway, he beamed from ear to ear. He had a rose in one hand and a card which he made in the other. He came to me and hugged my legs before I could kneel down to his level. He looked up at me and said, "I love you, Mummy. Happy Mother's Day!". I looked at his card. DH has written "Happy Mother's Day" and "I love you, Mummy" and signed his name. Osh Osh drew stick figures in the card, of various features and colours. He explained to me who each stick figure represented: there was Daddy, Mummy and Osh Osh himself together with his favourite Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force characters, Four Arms and Humongosaur. What a privilege it is for me to share the ranks of those that he holds dear!

Seriously, I was very touched. What did I do to deserve such love? I consciously gave him more hugs and kisses for the rest of the day and we laughed and played together. Of course, there were still several episodes of temper tantrums including one before bed time. Such is life. It is not perfect. An important lesson I learnt yesterday is that Osh Osh is not mine. God gave Osh Osh to me, to care for him, to nurture and guide him in the right path to be a godly man. Along the way, I will falter and make mistakes which will be forgiven. I pray that no matter what tests and trials lie ahead for Osh Osh and us as his parents, he will always be able to look at us and say, "I love you, Mummy, Daddy. You're my favourite!"

PS. The other part of DH's Mother's Day present to me was a bar of sinful dark chocolate which is so sinful that I dare not unveil it yet!

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Sarah said...

Oh Jenny,

I'm sure many of us have been where you were. Isn't it amazing how children can be so forgiving? God is truly loving and gracious to have given us these little miracles! I lost touch with you somehow - I've missed so much of reading your blog!