Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The dust settles...

…and the storm is now a quiet breeze.

We were blessed with a long weekend given the Labour Day holiday on May 1. DH and I also took a day off on Monday, May 4 as it was his birthday. DH was finally able to relax and unwind. He could play freely with Osh Osh and not worry about his study time being taken away. I can see that he is "mentally and emotionally" with us now whereas before the conclusion of his exams, there were times when he was physically with us but his thoughts were on his books and exams.

As DH observed and shared with me, "So, this is what a typical family does on a long weekend. It feels strange to me. I bet these activities are taken for granted by many families." DH also admitted that he is still very tense about a lot of things at work and it will take some time before he feels that he is "normal" again.

Over the weekend, we:

1) took Osh Osh to the beach where he made volcano sandcastles and kicked football with us.

2) had the luxury of long afternoon naps.

3) went on a movie date - DH enjoyed a good action movie and I got to see Hugh Jackman's butt! What more can a couple ask for? ;)

4) enjoyed a sumptious dinner in a four star hotel in pre celebratory spirit for DH's birthday and Mother's Day for my mother in law and myself.

5) went house hunting which made Osh Osh excited. He chatted happily with the real estate agent, informing her which room he wanted for his new room. We didn't buy, of course, as it was beyond our budget.

6) allowed Osh Osh to decide where he wanted to have dinner and it's no surprise we ended up at MacDonalds!

7) went window shopping on a weekday.

8) chilled out in Starbucks over two cups of java.

9) talked intimately about anything and everything, read the Bible together and prayed.

10) had great sex! Something we have not experienced in a long time!

DH is still continuing in his current role and has been promoted after the passing of his exams. He will stay in this role for at least six months to get a feel of it and prayerfully decide which road to take next. I believe we are slowly getting our act together, as children of God and of our parents, as individuals, as a married couple and as parents. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in all of these areas of our lives but I know in my heart, that this time, the road will not be so lonely or treacherous as we are not relying on our own strength anymore.


mummyof3 said...

Thumbs up for a great weekend! Keep it up! esp the great sex part, lol! But seriously, it's an important part of the glue tt keeps you together.

Michelle said...

You are blessed. Long may you be so xx