Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clumsy feet dance

This morning was a bit of a rush. Although it's a Saturday, DH has to attend an all day tutorial for his coming exams. I was trying to meet Osh Osh's needs and fix breakfast (trust me, he has a lot of demands when he wakes up) while DH was busy sorting out documents before he left.

Amidst our busyness, I decided to give him a longer hug than usual in the kitchen. Somehow, we started to sway while hugging. Before we knew it, we were doing a two-step dance, moving around the kitchen. We were clumsy but we didn't step on each other's toes. We didn't want to stop but we both had things to do and DH was running late. So we stopped.

Throughout the day, I thought of that moment and I sent DH a text message telling him that thinking about it made me smile. He replied that he was also thinking of it and it made him smile too. :)

We've been under a lot of stress lately that moments like this morning are rare. The little dance we had made me think. We may never be the "Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers" type of married couple who has their every step synchronized to each beat of the music of life. Nevertheless, we don't fare too badly ourselves. There are times we are too absorbed in our own daily activities and our own problems that we fail to hear each other's rhythm and end up hurting each other by stomping on each other's feet. However, when we slow down, make the effort and really tune in to each other, we realise we hear the same notes and feel the same rhythm and together, we dance a happy dance of marriage, albeit somewhat clumsily at times, but always together.


malloryseyes said...

Beautiful made me smile!

blestmom said...

Thanks for sharing that....I needed to hear what you had to say...I think dh and I need to stop and dance too...will fill you in on things later..that was my "dark sky" BTW! {{HUGS}}