Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The sweetest voice

I rarely get the chance to hear Osh Osh's voice on the phone as I'm always with him and it's usually his Daddy or his grandparents who call him.

Today was my turn! It's such a rarity and such a treat!
My Mum's here to help me out while DH leaves for Hong Kong for his exams this Sunday and he will be away for about a week.

So, on my way out of the office, I called home to see if everything is ok. Osh Osh didn't go to school today because Mum wanted to spend more time with him. While talking to Mum, she told me that Osh Osh wanted to speak to me.

I heard the softest, sweetest voice on the phone, after a second or two of silence. My conversation with Osh Osh went like this:

"Can you show me Ben 10 on your computer?"
(His favourite cartoon of the hour! I went online last night to look up the names of Ben's 10 aliens - they go by names like Ripjaw, Four Arms, Stink Fly, Grey Matter and some names which I can't remember. He wanted to see them again tonight. Osh Osh can remember and describe each alien character accurately and he just loves looking at them - don't ask me why! Something I will never understand as I think the aliens look ugly.)

"Yes, but you have to wait until Mummy comes home first"

"Ok" then he continues (I later asked Mum if she had prompted him and she said yes. It doesn't matter because he said it and I'm sure deep down inside his little heart, he meant it too.)

"I love you, Mummy"

"Can you come home?"

"Yes, I'm coming. Have you eaten dinner?"


"Go eat dinner and be good. Don't give Poh Poh (meaning my Mum) a hard time. Mummy will show you Ben 10 on the computer when Mummy is back"


"I miss you, Mummy"

"See you later" and he passes the phone back to Mum.

I was smiling all the time I was on the phone with him, while walking to the train station. Hearing Osh Osh's voice over the phone made all the stress, tension and fatigue from work melt away. I thanked God for blessing me with him.

Somehow, this phone call was like a wake up call for me, to stop and really take stock of what matters in my life. My family, the people I love. Not my job (although lately, I've been so bogged down by matters at work including the uncertainty of keeping my job), not where I live, not whether I can afford a vacation, not whether I have enough money for retirement...yes, I know all these things are important too but I shouldn't let them overwhelm or consume me.

I hurried into the train...all I wanted to do was to go home and give my little man the biggest hug and kiss I could muster...simply because he said, "I love you, Mummy".

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Louisa May said...

Awww... that's sooo sweet !! you've got yourself such a precious !