Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Something's not quite right

I'm sick again! I seem to be falling ill every month! What gives?? There's definitely something not quite right with me.

I had my gynae appointment yesterday morning (the usual annual routine check up) and she said all was fine with me. I told her that I've been having problems trying to conceive a second child and she said not to worry. I wanted to have some tests done to see if I'm infertile. She said that can wait as she thinks I'm normal and don't have any problems. She did say that stress is definitely a factor and yes, DH and I have been so stressed, him with his studies, exams and work and me with work, Osh Osh and surprise, surprise, trying to conceive! It's a catch 22 situation. I shouldn't be stressed about the thing I'm so stressed about!!

My gynae is a really nice lady. She was very positive. When it was time for me to go, I said I'll see her next year to which she replied with a smile, "No, I'll see you when you're pregnant".
After my check-up,I went back to work. That was when I started feeling feverish. Guess there must be something in the air in the office! :P Seriously, the fever was high so I couldn't sit there and do any more work. I went back home to nap.

DH brought Osh Osh back from school together with his parents. I was still sleeping when all of them came home. DH and Osh Osh came into the room to see how I was. Osh Osh was happily carrying a paper star which he did for his art and craft session. As my fever was high and I was slightly delusional, I couldn't quite make out who that little boy was. He didn't look like Osh Osh, rather he looked like an older boy and oddly unfamiliar. Anyway, he happily chattered away (I can't remember what he said) and left the room. DH had to leave too as he had another study session to attend in the evening. My inlaws helped look after Osh Osh the rest of the evening until Osh Osh turned in for the night.

Today, Osh Osh is at my inlaws' home. We decided not to send him to school as there are some cases of Hand Foot & Mouth disease there, one of whom was a boy in Osh Osh's class. As it's highly contagious, we thought it was best to keep him away from school for the next few days. I think I may have it as apart from the fever, I have many ulcers in my mouth! That's one of the symptoms!

So far, Osh Osh is fine. He had a mild fever over the weekend but it subsided 2 days ago. DH is keeping his distance from me as this is a crucial revision time for him with his exams being less than 2 weeks away and he doesn't want to fall ill.

Right now, I'm home. As I'm writing this post, it is quiet outside. I've just done the laundry and hung them out to dry. Not sure what to eat for lunch as my mouth and throat hurt. Maybe I'll just drink some milk.

Back to my hunch that something's not quite right. DH said that every time I go through a very stressful period, I'll fall ill a few days after that. That's what happened to me last month and it's happening again this month. He said I should learn to cope with stress better and have better control of my emotions. I have to agree with him on that. I tend to be very emotional and always seem to mull about things, over and over again until it eats me up!

Maybe I should have a lobotomy! Hmm...that's too severe, isn't it? Take up yoga?? Any suggestions? Don't let me mull alone!!!!!


blestmom said...

Well for stress....hmmm you could talk to God about it! :~)
And if it helps you can chat with me. LOL
Or you could weigh out the pros and cons of stressing over the problem and determine IF you can do any thing about it and if not don't stress about it!
But IF you can do somethings about it to make it a NON~stress. Go for it!
{{HUGS}} Miss our chats!

Alice said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Louise had HFM twice (last year, I think) and it was awful. She also had spots on her hands & feet but the ulcers are the worst! Have lots of ice-cream ;-)

Also, try to have a day off (or even just a few hours) say every couple of weeks if you can. Just go into town for 2-3 hrs, have a cuppa coffee in a cafe, read a trashy magazine (ie celebrities stuff lol), look around the shops... and basically, just have some 'me time'. It really helps to have that break!