Friday, October 10, 2008

Recession and regression

I'm not having a good morning today. Osh Osh was in a difficult, "I refuse to cooperate with you" type of mood from the moment he woke up until he got to school. I asked him to brush his teeth and get dressed and he refused to budge! He insisted on wearing his "sleeping clothes" (that's what he calls his pajamas) and curled up like a ball and covered his face with his hands so that I couldn't get to him. Argh!

When I eventually got him ready, he wanted to be carried and he said, "Like baby". This means I was to carry him horizontally with his head near my breasts, just like when he was a baby. So I humoured him as we were still home. However, my mistake! Osh Osh wanted me to carry him in the same way when we were outside! I don't know why he wanted to be a baby again. I figured it's because I scolded him in the morning for being difficult and he just wanted to be affectionate.

Anyway, he's in school now and I should get some work done. I'm also feeling low, partly due to the difficult morning, partly due to what I read in the papers today that recession has officially started for us here. I wonder what lies ahead with the world economy looking so gloomly. Will we all get to keep our jobs? Will what we earn be enough for our daily needs? Nothing we can do now but wait it out.

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