Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving up!

Osh Osh sleeps in his own room down the corridor from ours. However, all this time, he's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor as we thought he wasn't ready for his own bed yet. We also thought that with him rolling about so much in his sleep, he'll probably injure himself by falling off a bed.

Lately, Osh Osh has been asking to sleep on a bed. We took him seriously and decided to give him a trial run on the guest bed. We started 3 nights ago and he's been sleeping well on it. I believe there's familiarity there as my Mum sleeps on that bed when she visits and he often goes over to play with her and have his bedtime stories read there by her.

Today, we decided to give him his very own bed. DH has an old foldable IKEA bed which is kept in our storeroom. He decided to take it out. It's the size of a single bed and not very high off the ground so it's just right for Osh Osh. DH spent a lot of time cleaning the frame and mending one of its support planks. He also vacuumed the mattress as it was dusty.

We set up the bed together. We leaned his old mattress against the wall and propped the bed against it. That way, when Osh Osh rolls towards the wall, he won't hit his head against the hard wall. Osh Osh chose one of his old bed sheet which has Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen (the red car from Cars) on it - my Mum found the material and made it for Osh Osh.

We also put some pillows and his favourite soft toys on the bed. We also put another mattress on the floor next to the bed so that if he does roll off the bed, he won't land on the floor with a loud thud!

Here's the end result! :)

Osh Osh was really happy with the end result too. He leapt onto the bed, declaring that he likes his bed, his new bed, very much. He slept very well in it during his afternoon nap. Well, it's almost his bed time I better end this post here. I guess moving from the mattress to the bed is a step up for him...showing us that he's indeed growing up! :)

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Alice said...

Aww glad he loves his new bed!