Thursday, October 30, 2008

In limbo!

It's about 9 hours more before DH is home. It's been such a stressful week for all of us. As most of you know, I've been sending out prayer requests for him and yes, I'm behaving as though I'm the one sitting for the exams! Thank you all for standing beside me on this, being united in prayer and "holding" my hand (even though some of you are miles away), telling me, stay calm, stay calm...breathe!

Yes, DH started the first day of his exams with a hiccup as he had great difficulty in getting a taxi (despite the fact that he easily found a taxi the day before on his dry run to the exam centre) and was flustered throughout the day. I'm praying that God will turn things around and make things good for him. He's probably finished his last oral exams as I type this (before 4 examiners) and is probably on his way back to the hotel to check out. He needs to get to the airport by 2pm to check in for his flight home.

His results will be out this evening. As he will be airborne, he's asked a friend who's staying over the weekend to check it out for him (it will be posted on a notice board outside the exam centre) and she will send him a text message. So we will know the outcome when he arrives at the airport. I guess the expression of his face will give it away. However, I must admit a lot of times, DH's face is quite expressionless!

Osh Osh is also having an exciting day today. He and his friends together with his teachers took a bus this morning to the venue for an onsite rehearsal of his graduation concert. The concert is late November so it's timely for them to start rehearsing now. I was talking to one of his teachers this morning and she said it can be quite stressful for the kids as they have a lot of routine to remember. I hope that despite that, Osh Osh will still enjoy himself.

I'm working from home today to save the travelling time as I need to pick Osh Osh up from school earlier, let him have dinner earlier so that all of us can head to the airport in time to welcome DH home. However, I must not let Osh Osh know that by going to the airport, he will miss watching Ben 10 on tv this evening! If he realises that, between Ben 10 and greeting his Daddy at the airport, can you guess what his little heart will desire more??

Yup, Ben 10 will win hands competition at all! :)

Seriously, whatever the outcome of DH's exams, I pray for peace and strength for him and for us to accept what God has planned for us. All in good time...8 hours and 47 more minutes to go...tick tick tick...

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