Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scared silly!

Osh Osh was very well behaved all of yesterday which made it a very happy and relaxing Saturday for me. He even cooperated patiently when I cut his hair yesterday evening. He kept still for what would be a very long time for a preschooler. I normally have to rush when I cut his hair as he can't stay still. However, this time, I could take it slow and do a nicer job.

He asked me to comb it like how Peter Parker combs his (yes, he knows Peter Parker is Spiderman's alter ego) i.e side parting. He seemed very pleased with the end result. :) He said, "Mummy, my hair very nice" when I gave him a mirror to evaluate his new hairdo.

Anyway, DH was at work all of Saturday. After I put Osh Osh to sleep around 10pm (half an hour later than his normal bedtime as I decided to give him a treat for being so good), I sent a text message to DH to check if he could come home instead of staying over at his workplace. He replied he can leave after 11pm. So I decided to stay up and wait for him. I turned on the tv and there was this movie titled The Ring, which was the American remake of the Japanese horror film of the same name. Here's the link to the movie if you are keen:

I love watching horror films but I suffer from being very scared afterwards and have difficulty sleeping. Needless to say, this was one of those movies that I find myself drawn to although part of me just wanted to switch off the tv and run away! I was watching it from behind a small pillow covering my face (yes, you can start laughing at me) with my legs curled up on the sofa.

DH arrived home after 12midnight just as the movie ended. He found me on the sofa, pale and unable to move (yes, keep laughing!) and asked me, "Was that The Ring you watched?". He knew I was watching it as I had told him earlier that I was going to watch a horror movie while waiting for him. When he saw the state I was in, he smiled and gave me a big hug. Good of him not to tease me!

It helped that he came home just in the nick of time. Otherwise, I would have been too scared to move or go to bed. DH - my lifesaver! Whew! I think I will give horror films a rest! It's not good to scare myself silly again!

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alice said...

You're very brave! lol. I just don't "do" horror movies anymore. I've never really liked them to begin with but in my younger days, I could at least sit & watch The Omen. Not now!!