Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy Bumblebee

I've been busy as a bee today…a bumblebee to be exact!

What's the story? Well, Osh Osh has a list of the toys he wants for Christmas. Yes, a list at his age! As you know, he loves Ben 10. One of his favourite Ben 10 alien is Four Arms (a big red guy with yes, you guessed it…4 arms!) and he wants the action figurine of it. He also wants Power Rangers. I don't know why and I don't like them.

He doesn't watch them on tv so he may have picked it up from his friends at school or maybe he saw some adverts on the toys on tv, in between his Ben 10 programme. He has also asked for a caterpillar toy (I guess that must have stemmed from The Very Hungry Caterpillar play) but we're not getting him that. On top of all that, he's been asking for the entire Transformers toys collection!

Last night, we spoke to him and told him that we can't buy all of the toys he wants as they are very expensive. Daddy and Mummy don't have so much money to buy so many toys. We need money for food! ;) We proposed to buy just one Transformers toy for him and that's Bumblebee because it's cute, Osh Osh likes it and so does DH! He thought about it and said ok. He also said that if we can't find the Bumblebee toy, we don't have to buy him anything! That really moved me, considering the length of his Christmas list (which he formulated last month) and how persistent he's been in asking for them. To move from that to this i.e. being happy if we can't buy him anything for Christmas made me go, "Wow!"

So, today during my lunch time, I went to Toys R Us which is in the mall near my office. Unfortunately, this particular Toys R Us outlet ran out of the Bumblebee toy. I asked one of the customer care consultants to call up the outlets and guess what?? They all ran out of the Bumblebee toy!!! They told me it’s one of their best sellers and they don't know if they will be able to replenish their stock in time for Christmas.

I panicked! DH and I had seen it in a small toy shop over the weekend but we didn't buy it as we thought we could get it easily at any other toy shop including the one near our home. We also didn't want to get it as Osh Osh was with us and we didn't want him to see it. As DH and I are really busy during weekdays and he's got to work this weekend (and I have to attend a parents teachers meeting on Saturday), I decided to rush to that toy shop (about 1/2 hour journey by train from my work place) to buy Bumblebee. I was feeling stressed, tired and hungry as I haven't had time for lunch but I just wanted to get it. Osh Osh has been so good and well behaved lately that I feel I owe it to him to get that toy for him.

When I arrived at the shop, I quickly went to the display area of the Transformers toys. At first, I couldn't see the Bumblebee toy! I felt so disappointed. Then I went behind the display and there was a stack of boxes and Bumblebee was sitting right on top of that stack! Hooray! It was also the last one left so I grabbed it! I got carried away and bought Prowl too (another Transformers robot which can turn into a motorcycle which Osh Osh likes too) as that was also the last item left. I've not decided if we will give Prowl to him for Christmas or whether we will save it for another special occasion.
I took the train back, had a very quick lunch (about 10mins) and rushed back to work. Luckily, my workload today is not that heavy and I can breathe a little. Whew!

I can't help but think how my antics today somehow resembled Arnold Schwarzenegger's crazy Dad character, albeit I was less crazy!, in an old Christmas movie titled Jingle All The Way in 1996. Here's the link on the movie.

The things parents do for their kids!!!

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