Friday, November 14, 2008

A much needed reprieve

A much needed reprieve just doesn't seem to be coming for me! I hate not having time to do my own things which includes blogging. Now, it seems at best, I am only able to blog once a week, on Fridays when I work from home. Sigh.

Some updates on what's been happening with us:

DH: He's still on the mend from his flu (and I think I caught it from him too as have been sniffling a lot over the past few days). He's been studying whenever he can to keep up the momentum. He's also put forward the paper work for his deferment of his national service enlistment in order for him to be able to resit the exams in April 09. Praying for a good outcome of his application to defer.

Osh Osh: We took him to his first speech therapy session on Wednesday. He was quite relaxed and happy. He didn't want to leave the clinic when it was time for us to go as they had so many toys there which he couldn't get enough of. However, I was quite surprised and upset when the speech therapist told us that Osh Osh has to attend fortnightly therapy sessions. I thought he had improved a lot in his speech and stammered less since we last saw the doctor in early September. We have another follow up appointment on Monday to see the doctor and will see what she has to say then.

Osh Osh has also been practising for his year end concert (next Friday - Nov 21) and yesterday, they had a full dress rehearsal at the concert venue. We dropped him off at school and he and his friends along with his teachers took the school bus there. When we picked him up, we were very curious as Osh Osh has not revealed to us what he and his friends will be doing for the concert. All the teachers will tell us is that it's a song and dance. I find it quite amusing that Osh Osh is so tight lipped about the whole thing. You would have thought he would eagerly want to show us his dance steps, singing his song repeatedly but nope, we couldn't pry anything out of him!

Now onto me! As I'm also feeling under the weather, I've not had any time to myself lately. Most of my 'free' time after work is spent on chores and Osh Osh. After Osh Osh goes to sleep, I sleep too as I am too tired to do anything else. DH and I haven't been had much time to sit down and talk. Our conversations are often rushed through dinner, in between chores and a few words before we sleep. I really don't want this to carry on as we're not reconnecting. It is definitely not good for the marriage in the long run. He's not working this weekend so I plan to carve out some time with just him alone.

Work wise, I've been busy attending internal workshops and meetings all focussed around the reorganization of the company and control issues. It's quite draining especially when the same things are being drummed into us again and again. The management wants each of us to sing the same tune as them so I guess an overkill of repeated information would do just the trick.

There are 2 job openings within the company that I wanted to try for. These positions would be a move up for me. However, my manager did not support my intention to apply (in the company, if you want to move internally, you would need your manager's approval first) and there were valid reasons for her decision. So, I am disappointed and feeling somewhat trapped now. I've been sitting in my current role for almost 2 years and it doesn't give me any more fulfilment.

DH said I need some time off just to relax and think things through, to chart my course for next year. So, we have planned a short break to go back to visit my parents in December. We'll let them take care of Osh Osh for a few days while DH and I find a peaceful beach resort to escape to! Praying it will do both of us good. Oh...December just seems so far away now...I can't wait to exchange the noise of heavy traffic, crowded trains and food courts, demanding work environment to the sounds of the ocean, lazy mornings and walks on the beach...

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