Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adventures with friends

This is a light hearted post which I believe is the preferred mode. Osh Osh is really into role playing and story telling lately. He has 3 very good friends now and they are: Alex the Lion (from Madagascar), a little robot he calls Transformer and Spiderman.

I got Alex from MacDonalds yesterday. They are giving away these Madagascar toys as part of the Happy Meal to promote the sequel to Madagascar. I didn't buy a Happy Meal but happened to buy breakfast at MacD and I asked the cashier to give me the toy because my son would like to have one. She was reluctant at first but I kept smiling and it worked! :)

Osh Osh is into Transformers too (the cartoon series) and the little robot was a freebie that came with a toothpaste which my inlaws brought over a few months ago. He wasn't that keen on it then but since his interest in Transformers grew, the little robot is now one of his best friends.

Spiderman is an old toy from last year. Osh Osh has always been a big fan of Spiderman and this toy is one of his all-time favourites.

Every chance Osh Osh has, he will play with his 3 friends. He makes me hold either 1 or 2 of them and he'll hold Alex (his favourite for now as Alex is the newest edition to the family). Alex will ask Transformer and Spiderman questions and I, ahem, I mean Transformer and Spiderman will reply.

The 3 friends will have adventures together. They visit each other at their homes (different locations in the living room, selected by Osh Osh and these homes match the colour of his friends, eg yellow surroundings for Alex, blue for Transformer and red for Spiderman), have dinner together, travel together, help each other out (eg. Transformer is often heavy and clumsy so Spiderman has to carry him to places) and fight and make up (they love giving each other hugs).

These 3 friends are quick to forgive each other. They are considerate as they often ask what the others want to do. My favourite "adventure" is when Osh Osh takes a book, makes them all sit in front of the book and he "reads" or rather narrates the story of the book through his own interpretation of the pictures.

Believe me, Osh Osh tells me exactly what to do and say when I role play his friends for him. If I miss a line or do something wrongly, he gets very upset...what do you think? Does he have the making of a movie director? A mother can hope...

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