Sunday, November 23, 2008

Capterpillar and Christmas Tree

This weekend is an eventful one. Yesterday, we took Osh Osh to his very first children's play, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favourites. It's a puppet show by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Canada. The puppets are painted in bright colours and against the "black" light, they glow in the dark. Very colourful and entertaining and all the kids who were there loved it. You could hear the squeals of laughter and excitement in the entire theatre hall.

There were 3 stories, The Little Cloud (about a little cloud wandering off on its own and having some fun transforming itself to different objects), The Mixed-Up Chameleon (a chameleon with an identity crisis, not believing that it can be happy with its true self - I can relate to that!) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (this caterpillar can really eat!).

Osh Osh was excited and kept asking where is the Caterpillar. That's the only character he really interested in although he did laugh when he saw the chameleon. The whole play lasted about 45 minutes and Osh Osh was tired 2/3 through the play. To him, the Caterpillar was a no show! He felt that the Caterpillar had stood him up! He started to cry. I comforted him and kept saying the Caterpillar will be out soon. He sobbed into my chest as I carried him on my lap.

When the Caterpillar finally showed up, Osh Osh was still crying. I guess he was so overwhelmed with emotions: the long wait for his much anticipated character, the fact that he was also hungry and the dark theatre. All these factors contributed to his mixed up and uncontrollable emotions.

However, it didn't take him long to be his happy self again. He watched keenly as the Caterpillar ate through lots of fruits and food. Each time the Caterpillar finished eating something, it would kick away the remnants of the food with its tail end. Very funny!

Towards the end of the play when the puppeteers came out to explain how they manipulated the puppets to make those moves, Osh Osh was already walking about, exploring his surroundings. I'm glad we went, despite the short crying spell. Overall, I think it was a good experience for him and for us.

Here are some momento shots:

Today, we put up the Christmas tree together. Osh Osh was asking about his Christmas tree every time he saw one in the shops. So, I couldn't put it off any longer. This year, I must admit, this tree is all "him". I assembled the tree but he coordinated and put the decorations up by himself. What he couldn't do (either because it was too high or too awkward for him), he asked me or his Daddy to help him. He was so thrilled when he saw the end result of his tree. I'm very proud of his efforts too. What do you think?

I told him that this Christmas tree was put up by us as a family and he happily repeated that statement. It's indeed a warm feeling; akin the ones you get when you watch one of those soppy Christmas movies on Christmas eve in the comfort of your home.

Right now, my little man is playing on my bed with his army soldiers and dinosaurs (I think they are preparing for war) while Mummy has some time to herself on the computer. Bless his heart! ;)

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