Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making amends

We went grocery shopping this morning. DH wanted me to cook some noodle soup for lunch and I wanted to have breakfast outside for a change. Osh Osh didn't want to go out as he rather stay home to play with his toys and watch tv but of course, we couldn't let him stay home alone.

Anyway, off we went. DH bought a nice breakfast meal for Osh Osh in return for his word that he will behave well when we go to the supermarket. It tends to be quite crowded during weekends, as expected, as that's the time everyone has time to do their groceries.

DH brought Osh Osh around the supermarket while I quickly went around the aisles getting the ingredients I needed. By the time, we regrouped at the check-out counter, DH was angry and scolding Osh Osh. It appeared that Osh Osh was kicking up a fuss, asking DH to buy him some corn chips but DH refused as they were the spicy ones, meant for adults. Still, Osh Osh refused to listen and gave DH a hard time. The supermarket was crowded and noisy so you can guess that didn't help calm DH down.

DH wanted to give Osh Osh a severe punishment but I didn't think it was that serious. Osh Osh was already looking very remorseful and sad. Anyway, we agreed no tv for the entire morning.

When we got home, I realised that I had forgotten to buy the most important ingredient of all...the noodles!!! DH agreed to go out to buy them. He also needed the walk, just to get some air after what had happened.

While DH was out, I talked to Osh Osh and asked him to make amends to his Daddy by doing something nice. I suggested colouring something for his Daddy. I had printed out some of his favourite Ben 10 characters from the internet. Osh Osh eagerly agreed.

Osh Osh had only started holding the pencil correctly last week. Prior to that, he was holding it with a tight fist as if he was going to "stir" the paper with the pencil. I know that a lot of kids, his age or younger, already know how to draw and colour well but I'm just glad he's ready now and he's enjoying colouring.

Here's the end results:

Four Arms is actually red and black in colour but Osh Osh wanted some variety. He tried very hard to colour within the lines and I think he did well.

XLR8 (pronounced as Accelerate) is actually blue and black but I like the purple touch (my favourite colour but no persuasion from Mummy) Osh Osh has good taste! ;).

DH had calmed down when he came home with the noodles. I can see he really liked Osh Osh's colourings and DH gave Osh Osh significant praises. It's been almost 3 hours since the incident. Osh Osh spent the rest of the morning playing by himself while DH studied and I cooked.

I guess the "making amends" idea worked as both Daddy and Son are now watching tv together! :) Mummy's happy too as she's finally having some "me" time blogging. I think I deserve a pat on the back...well done, Mummy. :) Ha ha

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