Friday, November 21, 2008

Mummy's blown away!

Today is a big day for all of us! Osh Osh is performing on stage for the first time in his life. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, he was very secretive about what he will be doing even until last night. I was anxious, nervous and excited for him. I kept thinking to myself, "Will he get stage fright? Will he cry? Will he fall down?", etc...yes, this Mummy is a professional worrier!

So, yes, I know you're all dying to hear how it went. It was AWESOME! He is really a star performer!

I was blown away. DH was there with my inlaws too and I think they were all very moved. I was already crying even before he came on stage. One of the teachers had put together a powerpoint presentation of photos of the kids in the school and when I saw Osh Osh's happy and mischievous face on the large screen, I just cried! Sob Sob Sob...I am such a softie!

For the first performance, Osh Osh had to perform a happy dance with his classmates and the theme is National Day so they came out in really nice traditional costumes. He was wearing a white long sleeved Chinese top with matching trousers and had bells tied around his wrists for the added musical touch.

We were blessed as we had front row seats and it was a great view. Osh Osh saw us but he kept so composed. He smiled and carried on with the routine. We could see that he put so much of his heart and soul into the dance steps. I thought he was so mature and disciplined! That was the first moment Mummy was blown away.

The second performance was even more amazing. The kids played Chinese drums so they each had a little drum to themselves. Again, it was a Chinese outfit but this time, it was gold (now, I don't have to buy Osh Osh any more new clothes for Chinese New Year next year!). Osh Osh was really into it. He was doing all the right moves. He knew exactly when to drum, when to wave his drumsticks into the air, when to tap his drumsticks together for the beat and when to turn around and jump. I am so amazed. Yes, I was blown away again!

The grand finale was about 20 minutes later when all the other classes had finished their respective performances. Osh Osh came out on stage with everyone else and just swayed to the music. The older kids sang but he didn't. He looked so happy.

Finally, the teachers made all of them sit down on stage and came the roll call. The parents are to come to the front of the stage to collect their child when their child's name is called. When it came to Osh Osh's name being called, he ran down the stage stairs and jumped straight into my arms. I was so filled with pride and a certain type of feeling that I can't quite describe. "Mummy" feeling, I guess.

All of us lavished him with praises and hugs and kisses. He performed so well, beyond my wildest expectations! I am so impressed and he has shown me a different side of him. I should have never underestimated him. He's grown up so much. There goes that "Mummy" feeling again...where are my tissues???

By the way, my star performer is having a much deserved nap now. ;)

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