Thursday, August 7, 2008

All wet!

What an evening! We got drenched twice in a row!

The first time was when I went to pick up Osh Osh from his school. It was raining so heavily with strong winds that holding on to the umbrella upright was a big feat on its own. We waited for DH to arrive at the school with the car.

DH had to step out of the car without an umbrella because we kept them underneath the backseat beyond his reach so whoosh! He got wet too! Note to self: Find a more convenient place to store the umbrellas in the car. Things are always clearer on hindsight. :P

Second drenching episode was after dinner. We had gone out for dinner after the rain stopped. We had brought umbrellas with us (one adult size and one small one for Osh Osh) although we didn't expect it to rain again so soon.

Boy, were we wrong! It rained even heavier this time. The place where we had dinner was within walking distance from our home. It usually takes us about 10 minutes to walk home. That's fine for a dry day but you can imagine how much longer it felt when it was pouring cats and dogs!

DH carried Osh Osh in one hand and carried the adult size umbrella in the other. I had to use Osh Osh's smaller umbrella. Needless to say, it did not offer much protection from the rain. The only part of me that was dry was my hair! I was walking behind DH so Osh Osh could see how wet I was.

He started laughing at me and saying how wet I was, how wet Daddy was and that he was only a little wet. His laughing was contagious so we both ended up laughing too. Soon, all of us actually enjoyed being drenched in the rain and we arrived home feeling pleased and happy!

What an unexpected way to end the night! :)

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Blestmom said...

Sounds fun! LOL walking in the rain! Sometimes when it rains here I take the kids out and dance in it if it has been a while since the last rain.