Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic fever!

The Olympics game have started!

Osh Osh and I watched the Opening Ceremony on Friday night and I made the mistake of telling him that the Olympic mascots will be out. He kept asking me when Kung Fu Panda was going to make an appearance. I felt so bad! He went to bed at 930pm without catching a glimpse of any pandas.

For those of you who watched the Opening Ceremony, it was a dazzling display of lights, colours, precision and passion! However, what touched me the most and what stuck to my mind wasn't the "big bang" and "wow" stuff but this young boy who walked alongside Yao Ming, the flag bearer for the China team.

This boy was one of the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake and the reason why he was chosen to march with all the China athletes was because he saved the lives of 2 of his classmates at the earthquake site. When I heard that, I was deeply moved.

To me, he was the biggest star of that night.

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Marlayna said...

It was a grand opening ceremonies. And I agree, the earthquake surviving little boy was the star of the show. I love the olympics. Nothing else will be on my TV screen for 2 weeks. I love a lot of the events over the 2weeks.

You have been in this country for 5years? Where are you from?