Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Bad Mummy" feeling

I have to work late today. Well, actually, it's not work but rather a dinner. My manager's new big boss is in town so she wants all of us to attend a dinner that's specially held to welcome this new big boss from the mothership (fondly coined by another manager of another department - meaning our head office).

I try very hard not to work late as I want to always be there for Osh Osh in the evenings. Unfortunately, once in a while, such commitments cannot be avoided. My manager is very keen to see her whole department as team players and being united although more often than not, it's just a front. Therefore, I would be "blacklisted" if I don't attend tonight's function.

I told Osh Osh that I will be working late and he kept saying, "Mummy, I go work with you". We took the train to his school today as DH decided not to drive today. When DH got off the train with him (I would then continue my journey in the train to the office), Osh Osh started to cry and reached out for me. As DH carried Osh Osh away into the sea of people rushing to get on board the train, I could just see Osh Osh's head above DH's shoulder and he was still crying.

Now, you know why today's post is titled "Bad Mummy" feeling. I really feel like one now.


Louisa May said...

Sigh.. yes, it's really hard and the kids do seem to know the buttons to press that make us feel the worst !! But it's good to let them feel they can survive whatever 'hardships' (ok.. for a 2-3yr old, separation from mom certainly qualifies), from time to time.

Marlayna said...

So sad. I remember when my kids missed me so much they had tears. Not so much anymore. LOL That's okay, it means I have done a good job raising them to be secure children. Sorry you have to work late tonight, I know how much you love your family evenings together.