Friday, August 22, 2008

Power play

From the title, I wish I was going to write about the power play I had with Osh Osh when I make him eat his carrots and leafy greens. Unfortunately, it's not.

It's about power play in the big bad world called corporate politics!

As you know from my post below ("Bad Mummy" feeling), our new big boss is in town for a visit. On Wednesday, my manager ("VC") came to talk to me just as I was packing up to rush to pick up Osh Osh from school.

VC told me that there is a meeting (the meeting was yesterday morning) where I am to sit in and convince the new big boss why I am to stay in my current manager's department. It turned out that there is this other manager ("CM") who is looking for capable people to be in his team.

What's so bad about moving to the other department, you ask? Well, I won't be getting any pay increase and secondly, I am still expected to do the same work I am doing now plus take on the new role's responsibilities as well. Yup, doing 2 people's work for the price of one!

It's a power play between VC and CM to impress the boss as each of them wants to show our new big boss that they have a dynamic department that is capable to meet the company's vision. I also know that my manager, VC does not like CM!

Anyway, I told the new big boss my role and how much value I have added to VC's team. It's out of my hands now. My fate will only be decided after end of Sept as that's when the "powers that be" will decide how the reorganization of the company will pan out.
Call me simplistic and naive - all I want is to be left alone to do my work so that I can go home to my family! Is that too much to ask for?


BinkyBear said...

Most of us spend our lives working really, really hard ... so that someone above will get really, really rich

Louisa May said...

Not at all simplistic nor naive! I totally applaud you. It often gets tempting to be caught up in the run of corporate life, and de-prioritise the family as a consequence. Yet it takes much courage to stand up for what you believe in. You certainly have your head (and heart) in the right place gal !