Friday, August 22, 2008

Only 40?

DH forwarded me an email about the various kindness and graciousness campaigns that have been going in our country (see post "Do we care enough to care?" of 11 August) and I thought this is funny and yet so sad at the same time.

This is a different campaign from the one I last blogged about. This graciousness campaign started over a decade ago! Now, here comes the funny sad part:

Only 40 people have pledged their support to the cause of making our society more gracious and to display simple courtesy to each other!

Ony 40 people in the last 10 years!

Unless there has been a massive abduction of the people in this country by aliens, I'm certain that there are more than 40 people in this nation!!!

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Binkybear said...

I am amazed that as many as 40 people made a commitment to be gracious and nice. Who were they? ... idealistic high school students of rosy cheek and starry eye, hoping to change society, dreaming of a better community?

Those who have stuck to this commitment have probably come to regret it ... it doesn't inspire anyone, and they look like fools being nice to others who won't hesitate to take advantage of them.

The selfishness and social apathy I see everywhere, everyday, in this country won't change in my lifetime. Not unless I live to the age of 950.