Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mummy's little helper

I was cooking lunch this morning (just simple chicken and mushroom pasta) and Osh Osh was watching tv in the living room. I suppose he was bored and lonely (DH was upstairs working on the computer) as he came to look for me in the kitchen after half an hour later. He also asked me to turn off the tv.

I wasn't free to play with him as I haven't finished cooking yet. However, he just looked like he needed company. So, I asked him if he wanted to help Mummy wash the floor. He said ok. I gave him a small rag and a container of soapy water. He soaked the rag in the water and started to wet the floor. Then he went to take his little toy brush and scrubbed the floor.

Then, he asked me if he could wash the walls, the fridge and the cupboard doors. He was so happy when I said it's ok. He was cheerfully cleaning everywhere - he even wiped the oven door! :)

I'm so pleased! Thanks to him, I have a clean kitchen (I mopped the floor again after he left as it was still quite soapy and slippery but left everything else as it is because Osh Osh did such a thorough job)! Not to mention, I also have a very happy son! :)

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