Friday, August 29, 2008

A day at the hair salon

Well, not actually a day but it sure felt like it!

My hair length is just touching the shoulder now so it's at an "irritating" stage as in if I just leave it as it is, it is quite messy and the ends keep curling out. If I tie it up with a scrunchie, it makes me look like a school girl with a little bunny tail!

So, I decided to get it permed, coloured and treated! :) All in all, that took almost 4 hours. I did this after work with DH's agreement (of course!) to look after Osh Osh yesterday evening. When I reached home, he was already asleep and DH looked pretty tired! Poor thing!

The last time I permed my hair was almost 10 years ago. Now I can remember why! I just can't stand spending so much time sitting in the hair salon inhaling all the chemical smells of perming solution and hair dye.

However, I must say that the end result is pretty good. I look different and it's timely I changed my look too. DH and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary next week. He bought me a wedding band to replace the old one I have. Reason being my fingers have grown too fat and the old ring is too tight now. :( It's really sweet of DH to choose another similar ring for me and had it engraved with "With Love, followed by our wedding anniversary date". I'm so touched and over the moon, of course. It's moments like these when you feel nice being a woman.

Since we're on the topic of mush and lovey dovey stuff, I had bought some Forever Friends coin pouches as token gifts for Osh Osh's teachers for the coming Teachers' Day celebration. Osh Osh kept asking me to keep one for him. He wants to give it to one of his little girl friends at school for her birthday in Oct. Awww...ain't that sweet? :)


Binkybear said...

It's small, simple memories like these that fill life with colour!

Alice said...

I think it looks nice on you !! Despite inhaling the chemicals, I'm sure it was a (much needed) relaxing time, just sitting there, getting 'pampered' and having time to yourself. I know I love it when I go to the hairdresser's here, except mine's usually just for a haircut/wash (and once or twice a year lol).