Saturday, August 16, 2008

Splash splash

We took Osh Osh to the public swmming pool near our place early this morning. He has been asking us to take him there since he watched Michael Phelps on tv on Monday. I guess he was inspired! :)

We woke up early around 645am, had a quick breakfast (Osh Osh drank a big bottle of milk- his usual "day starter") and off we went. It took us only 10 minutes to walk to the pool but when we got there, it was still closed. The public pool only opened at 8am. Osh Osh was quite impatient as he really wanted to get into the pool immediately.

Soon the wait was over and off we went! :) He doesn't know how to swim yet but the kiddie pool is quite shallow. We were with him at all times but we gave him the freedom to splash around and do whatever he wanted. He kept saying he's a crocodile and most of the time, he was lying flat on his chest, moving his arms and legs about. (Yes, the water is that shallow!) A few times, he played with the soft rubber ball which we brought with us by biting it in his mouth while lying flat on his front. Made me think of him as a little seal pup! :) Quite cute but then again, I'm biased.

All in all, it's a nice Saturday. My father in law dropped by and we all went out for lunch. Then he took Osh Osh for a short walk so that DH can have some time to study and I can have some "me" time online.

Oh, I hear the doorbell. They're back. I've got to go back to being a Mummy again! :)


Louisa May said...

Hey there ! wow, you've gotten prolific since i've had time online. Looks like you're doing good... so happy for you ! And more importantly, keeping up the good work - blog-wise !!! well-done. Aiyo, you've inspired me to be more current in my posts :P

Busybugz said...

Thanks! :) I really enjoy blogging and it's a good outlet for me. Thanks for checking in and reading. I've been going to yours as well. Your girls are lovely! :)