Friday, September 26, 2008

Coping with disappointment

We all face disappointments in life. Some deal with it better than others and some just fall apart. I'm usually the latter, unfortunately.

I just experienced something very disappointing an hour ago. It's happened to me before and I didn't cope with it that well then. This time round,well, although I'm feeling very low about it, I'm keeping myself busy and trying my best not to dwell on negative thoughts. Easier said than done. I'm sure when it's quiet later after Osh Osh is asleep, I'll probably be in bed, crying.

(I chose this photo as it's cute and yet so aptly describes how I'm feeling now)

I sent a text message to DH about this but after doing so, I felt bad. I shouldn't have done so as it might affect his concentration in his revision course today. Hopefully, he will remain focussed.

God, I'm relying on your strength to cope...

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