Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Happy Day

Today's our 5th wedding anniversary. I was still feeling under the weather when I woke up this morning but decided to be positive about things.

First, we took Osh Osh to see the doctor about his speech at 9am. He kept saying he didn't want to go to the hospital as they have sharp needles there. I don't remember him ever being afraid of going to the hospital so this was quite odd.

Anyway, we managed to bring him there without too much of a fuss. However, he was quite shy with the doctor and didn't speak much despite her efforts in trying to converse with him. She brought out nice picture books, sang to him, asked him questions and told stories but he only spoke a word or so each time.

So, she said we're to reschedule for a follow-up assessment in another clinic which has a more conducive environment for children. The clinic will give us a call later in the week. Overall, she said it's a good prognosis and Osh Osh will most likely grow out of this stammering phase. Let's pray that it is so.

After we finished at the hospital, we took Osh Osh to my inlaws' place so that my father in law can babysit him for a few hours while we went for our anniversary lunch. My father in law surprised me with a small bouquet of carnations and a present. It was very thoughtful of him. We had no problems leaving Osh Osh with him as Osh Osh loves playing with all the toys they have for him! He was so preoccupied with the toys that he didn't even say goodbye to us!

DH had made reservations for lunch at the Town Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel. It was a real treat for us as we seldom have time to do such things i.e. go on a date to a fancy restaurant, due to time constraints and busy schedules.

DH also bought me a bouquet of roses (see below) on Friday. I was too sick to pick up Osh Osh from his school so DH brought him home. I heard our front door open and Osh Osh's voice saying, "I want to give flowers to Mummy". My heart melted as I saw Osh Osh walk in, grinning from ear to ear, carrying the bouquet to give to me. Bless him! :)

Back to our lunch. DH had called them up earlier to request for a special setting for the table. It was so nice to see another rose arrangement on the table and yes, the bread was yummy too!

I thought that since we rarely do this, I better take photos of the food before we tuck in as momentos! :)

The appetizer - tempura soft shell crab.

My main course - John Dory (seared cod with caramelized apple).

DH's main course - Fish Maw soup - he said he wanted something light.

My favourite - the dessert. It's a miniature set of 5 different desserts (top, clockwise - creme brulee, pear pudding, chocolate mud pie, New York cheese cake and tiramisu. In the centre, a small helping of vanilla ice cream) - yummy!

We had coffee after that. It was a very nice and relaxing lunch, just to sit down and talk without any distractions and stress.
We've come a long way. DH said the 5 years of marriage hasn't been easy for both of us and he said things will get better soon. I believe him. :)


alice said...

Happy 5th anniversary to the both of you. Glad you managed to get some 'couple time' and enjoyed a nice spot of lunch - which looked fab by the way.

Louisa May said...

Congratulations ! I always believe wedding anniversaries deserve greater celebrations than birthdays or other festivities, as it is just so much work keeping a marriage going well ! Glad you managed to have some time for yourselves !