Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My source of support

Being ill (this dreaded flu bug just refuses to go away!), I struggle to stay positive and not dwell in self pity. I have this tendency to feel like the world is against me when I'm really ill - don't ask me why!

Osh Osh has been a good source of support and laughter for me. Over the past few days, whenever he asked me to play some active games with him, I'll have to refuse him and tell him that I'm not well. His reply will be, "Mummy, go eat a lot, a lot of medicine. Then you get well." I would tell him that I've taken my meds and he will look at me, smile and say, "Ok" after which he will go play by himself. :)

On Sunday evening, my father in law dropped by to lend a helping hand as DH was working his shift duties and couldn’t come home. Osh Osh didn't want him to leave and kept asking him to stay and play even though it was already past 8pm. My father in law just mentioned in passing that he needs to go home to take his medicine (for diabetes). Much to his surprise, Osh Osh stopped playing with him and just said, "Go go, go home". I explained to him that Osh Osh knows it's very important to take medicine and therefore he was more than willing to let my father in law go home. Needless to say, my father in law was impressed with Osh Osh's thoughtfulness.

Last night, I was playing some songs from the Barney website (I still don't understand why this purple dinosaur has so much appeal to tots and preschoolers - personally, I can’t stand it!) and Osh Osh was tapping his drumsticks (he has a little drum set) on me, happily declaring, "Mummy, I drum you". I just had to laugh!

He wanted to sleep with his drumsticks next to his pillow but I told him that it's dangerous and they might poke him in the eye while he's asleep. He refused to give them up. Then I told him that if he takes his orange (his orange flavoured cod liver oil which he doesn't like but we try to make him take a spoonful every night), he can sleep with the drumsticks. I asked this as a test just to see how strong his will is and how much he loves the drumsticks - whether he will take the dreaded "orange" just so he can keep the drumsticks beside him. Can you guess what happened?

Without any hesitation, he willingly gave up his drumsticks and asked me to put them away! :) Goes to show how much he "loves" his orange.

Daddy then came into the room and said he can forego his orange but will have to take 2 spoonfuls tonight, to which Osh Osh nodded in silence. We'll have to see how that pans out tonight.

Anyway, I was laughing and laughing (while coughing and coughing) as I thought it was so cute that he would give up his drumsticks so easily when moments before, he clung to them with all his might. Makes me wonder if he will give his Mummy up just so he doesn't need to take his orange ever again!

There you have it, my pillar of strength in the form of a cute huggable (and very decisive) package. ;)

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