Saturday, September 20, 2008

A very fast flight

Today's definitely a good day! Well, it was definitely more restful and peaceful than this entire week.

I was checking my work email on and off throughout today and I only received 4 email messages (as opposed to the hundreds I received daily over the week) so it IS a definite improvement! :)

DH had to work today but I took Osh Osh to his workplace so we could all have lunch together. It was quite nice and I thank God for the special short moments that He allows for us to be together as a family.

So, what's this about a very fast flight? Well, while Osh Osh was napping, I was helping DH sort out his packing for his trip tomorrow. When Osh Osh woke up, he saw the bags on the floor and DH's belongings on the bed, he asked us about it.

I told him that Daddy's going away to school for 8 days in a blue jet. Osh Osh loves "blue jet" which is a guest character in one of his Little Einstein DVDs. He seemed satisfied with the answer and happily played by himself until we finished packing.

Later in the evening, I was keeping Osh Osh busy so that DH can study. DH was probably studying for over an hour until he became saturated. When Osh Osh saw him in the hall, he asked his Daddy, "Come back already? Come back in blue jet?" :)

Thought that was cute! :)

How I wish DH could really leave for his course and come home so quickly!

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Alice said...

Ahh that is cute! ;-)