Saturday, September 13, 2008

A little bucket of joy

I missed blogging! :) The past few days have been manic at work and I'm still not fully recovered yet! The worst of the flu is over but I have a nagging stubborn cough which makes my throat sore. Sigh.

Anyway, on to my musings about a little bucket of joy. A few days ago, DH brought home a small empty bucket of M&Ms. His colleague had bought it as a treat for everyone at his workplace. The empty bucket was left in the office pantry. DH saw that the bright yellow bucket was very cheerful and just the right size for Osh Osh, so he took it before it was thrown away.

When Osh Osh saw the little yellow bucket, his face lit up with a big grin. He asked, "What's this?", still smiling away. I told him it was a bucket. He said, "Not a basket?". I said, "No". I told him he can do whatever he wants with it.
Osh Osh then happily went around collecting some of his toys (ping pong balls that my father in law gave him, small plastic toy trains, pink balloons and some orange blocks) and put them in his little yellow bucket. Not to worry, we have made it very clear to Osh Osh not to ever put the ping pong balls in his mouth and he understands how dangerous it is to do so. Of course, we still watch him whenever he plays with them.

He could think of so many uses for his bucket. One moment, it's a toy carrier. The next, it is a dump truck. He also used the lid as a food platter (the food being all his little toys) after he had "cooked" them in the little bucket.

To us, it's just an empty bucket but to Osh Osh, it is anything his mind imagines it to be. It's also heartwarming for me to see that he can be so happy with such a simple object and that he doesn't need expensive toys to keep him happy. I pray that he will never lose his appreciation for the simple joys of life and that both DH and I can learn that from him too.


Alice said...

Yes, sometimes I wonder why I bother spending money on toys when an empty box or an empty bottle does the trick! lol.

Louisa May said...

Yes, such moments are great reminders that simple pleasures should be relished. Wonderful your DH could anticipate Osh's delight :)